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  1. I am looking at ordering a retainer. Notice that some are aluminum and others are steel. Was figuring of getting the one from Carolina Shooters Supply. Does the steel really hold up that much better than steel for average shooting? Saw somewhere that the aluminum expands, but I would assume that requires a lot of shooting. Can anyone clear up any confusion regarding this?
  2. That's the issue I have come accross. The knock offs are worthless apparently. Got to see if the make the real break in a 14x1 so I don't have to change out the front sight base.
  3. I have converted me 7.62 Saiga and gone out to the range. Functions well, and its a blast to shoot. Will be switching out my hand guards but cannot decide whether to get a muzzle brake or not. Looking at dinzag I figured I would go with the 74 brake that is threaded enough to reach the FSP. Has anyone used this? Does the brake have a significant effect on recoil and muzzle climb, etc? Or is it going to end up being more for looks?
  4. I just got done with my first conversion and it came out great. Now I am moving on to a second one for my girlfriend. She requested that the gun be teal or red, so now I must duracoat. I would like to paint the entire gun. Is this an issue? I am not sure if any spots on an ak shouldn't be coated.
  5. I am at the point where I have to prep and paint the bottom of my Saiga rifle. I find plenty of topics stating who uses what kind of spray paint. Not much on the process. Can anyone put together a quick step by step? I will have to sand or use steel wool. Do not have access to sand blasting. I see some info in threads but can't tell the steps or what to look for. For instance, How much do I need to sand? Just enough to rough up surface? Cook the gun? Break cleaner? Anyhoo, any clarification is appreciated.
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