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  1. Im looking for the Yugoslavian 7.62x39 non magnetic brass case corrosive ammo. I saw 1120 rds for $259 shipped now I can't find it. Any one know any websites where I can get these for about $250 shipped? Everywhere I'm looking it's about $300 which includes shipping. Any help would be great.
  2. Anyone know where i can get a Saiga 7.62.39 10/30 us made magazines? I know theres alot at the shows, but I dont wanna wait. I saw some on the pro mag website but those were only 30 rounders
  3. Bad idea, that factory plastic is trash, I would rather not have anything on it, I know that's not possible, but the factory plastic handgaurd makes the gun look like a bb gun.
  4. I heard it will fit, that's what 762 buzz said it, i v been trying to figure out the same thing
  5. That was one smart thing I never did was not sandblast the bolt, i only had the guy sandblast my carrier. So let me get this straight, i should clean the carrier with degreaser, and then paint it with break parts cleaner? And that should do the job? Or should i paint it with caliper paint instead? After i used a degreaser to clean yhe gun. Cuz I'm sure either way it's going to add a coat on the carrier right? My bad about all these questions, I just wanna get it right.
  6. ThAt finish on the rifle looked really nice, unfortunately I don't have the know how to take the entire thing apart to actually refinish the rifle, which I would if i did. But basically just paint my bolt carrier with caliper spray, or break solvent and it will hold up? It wont slow down my bolt or cause it jam at all?
  7. Makes alot of sense, uv been helpful, would you restore your bolt carrier? Or just buy a new Bulgarian bolt carrrier for like $45 opposed to spending about $100 having it recompense the professional way and keeping the original russian bolt carrier?
  8. But I will only be chAnging the bolt cArrier, not the bolt, or the piston
  9. Damn that's pretty good man, u got alot of pics, that helps alot, ur right the bulgy ak 74 bolt looks very similar to the Saiga, what would i have to do to put in the bulgy ak 74 bolt carrier, u said something about head spacing?
  10. Since you mentioned the whole deal with the head spacing and needing additional work, I'm just going to keep my Russian original bolt and just make sure I restore it via chroming it or just sending it to cobra and having him refinish it and I'm sure he's going to do a bang up job, alot of people said alot of good things about him. U think I should go that route or just buy a new Bolt carrier, keep in mind my bolt is fine and don't wanna touch it
  11. I got igk holographic scope from a gun show recently, paid $95 and I love it. I was hitting my target 100 yards away no problem. It only took my 200 rds. To zero in. That's my sarcasm, it still needs work, but I actually enjoy zeroing in my scope
  12. The reason why i ask is because I had it sand blasted and now it's rusting. Cobra fr this forum gave me a pretty solid deal to refinish it and do it the right away, but i just wanted to see if it was worth switching it out or getting it redone the right way this time, my main thing is that it's a russsian bolt carrier and I would rather keep mine then switch it out with any other foreign part. Chime in with ur thoughts ,
  13. What bolt carrier will be compatible for a ak 47 Saiga 7.62x39? Will any romanian/Hungarian/bulgarian/polish bolt carrier be drop in ready? Any help would be great
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