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  1. Thanks for the review and great pics. I shoot mostly indoors so I like the idea of having a blast forward device. From the reviews I've read though, they basically obviate the braking effect of the comp and don't really do anything for an effective FH so you end up with all this weight at the end of your barrel that's doing nothing. It does look cool but my practical side usually brings me back to a short, light, cheap, effective FH like the A2.
  2. A SEAL will be issued a very nice watch and more knives than he can use. Team guys love their knives. Honestly, anything military related will be a waste of your money. He will get everything he needs on that front. He will also get more unit logo stuff over the course of his career than he can handle. Nearly all of those guys dip but technically, tobacco can't go through APO/FPO system. What he needs will really depend on where he goes but home made baked goods sealed up in saran wrap really well are welcome anywhere and everywhere. I liked getting good coffee too.
  3. Poor muzzle discipline is likely to get the person NOT holding the gun shot. I was shooting at a very nice indoor range a few weeks ago and turned to see some old Fudd showing his rifle to his buddy with the muzzle pointed right at me. I promptly corrected him on his muzzle awareness.
  4. Getting a verbal opinion from anyone at the BATFE is only worth the paper it is written on. There is an interview from a news program out there where a senior BATFE official says an airsoft gun can easily be converted into a machinegun.
  5. I am perfectly fine with this political compromise. It should expand the number of states Virginia CHP-holders can carry in w/o negatively impacting legal gun owners.
  6. Huh? The main guy was Jim from The Office Look at IMDB, each "operator" has dozens of acting credits going back decades. I did like the movie, BTW.
  7. A Russian news source that in the first paragraph refers to Snowden as a CIA employee when he was actually a NSA contractor? Seems credible.
  8. I bought a 2007 XE (4-cyl and 2 wheel drive) new and have been very happy with it. Only put about 70,000 light use miles on it but in the nearly 9 years I've had it, the only fix I've paid for was a leaking A/C line. There were a few minor issues I fixed myself like a leaking windshield washer tank and a stupid little plastic part that contacts the clutch interlock switch. Plus, the fuel level sending unit was replaced under warranty. I am still using the OEM tires and brake pads so it's been a very cost effective vehicle.My only real complaint is the lousy turning radius.
  9. I know their overhead was high so wasn't contributing any way but their tv ads infuriate me. I absolutely HATE how they make all the wounded warriors look like helpless victims that need to be pitied. They pull at the heart strings, like the abused animal ASPCA ads, to get people to contribute. That was a sign to me that the organization was more about making money than helping veterans.
  10. OK, Thanks. That makes sense.
  11. As another Pauly victim, I would love for this to be true but I am skeptical. Why do they make 12ga. Go and No Go headspace gauges then? They are much shorter than an actual shell.
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