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  1. Do you think that a crowned barrel and muzzle break would help!?
  2. Definitively the firing pins, bolts and bolt carriers would be nice...very nice!!!
  3. Much better to see it on the rifle than by itself, for sure!!! Does it get rid of case dents? Thanks!
  4. Looking great! That's what I need to do to mine.
  5. You want something really sturdy!? Perhaps this is the one. http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?productid=16737&cat=251&page=1
  6. Ditto that!!! Now the mayor cost, as usual, is when starting to make these parts but once you got them and people know (we know...eh!) then you'll see them moving. Especially when you are covering a nitch market. For example the firing pin is hard to find, but when you look at it is very simple to make. Just produce some fews and to test the water. I'm sure you'll feel it quite warmed!!!!
  7. Thanks for posting this tutorial, it is very helpful! The more the merrier!!!
  8. All this looks great! Easy to do project and can save your brass for the reloads! Thanks!
  9. How soft or light is it now? I mean does it require a little effort, some or none to move it up and down. Just curious!
  10. Anything new about these folding stocks? Did anyone tried the k-var one? Just looking into getting one myself. Thanks!!
  11. Maybe a nice flash hider/comp!? So far it's looking good!!
  12. Nice looking front end! Did you modify the magazine receiver? I ask because the mag looks similar to the Saiga's one.
  13. You may want to check classicarms.com, they may have them. They have a lot of AK/Saigas in their website.
  14. Very well! I ordered the front sight adjusment tool and the side mount rail from classicarms web site yesterday and now I'm waiting for the items to arrive. The side mount is for the red dot sight that I'm going to get later. Thanks for help!
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