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  1. Having my attached garage built. It was $25K cash. Second was $6K for central heat and air to be installed. After that was $5K for a bedroom suite. All of those were for my wife's benefit. I also spend a lot each month on my wife's hobby. She rides horses so she needed a new trailer, a new truck to pull that trailer as well as a place to board her horse. All of that costs well over $1K a month. For me the most I have ever spent on myself at one time was $1k for a used car. As far as guns it was $619 for my Saiga. All my gun related stuff is bought a piece at a time or built a piece at a t
  2. My brother was complaining about not having a decent scope for his 22 rifle. I bought him a nice Bushnell and told him to bring his rifle to the house. I installed it and got everything zeroed. The following weekend we were going to go hunt and he showed up missing the scope. I asked were it was and he said he sold it a few days after I gave it to him. That was the last time I gave him anything, including money. In the end he tried to kill my family and I when we cut him off financially. He couldn't afford his drugs anymore so he grabbed an AK, assualted our mother then came to kill us. L
  3. Some people use E clips on guns hammer or trigger pins.
  4. Not really sure. Should have been no surprize on the other site if you hang around here much. I posted it here the day before the other site.
  5. Works well enough. I got this one off of Ebay last year for $18 shipped. The seller realized he was under valued and doubled or tripled the prices. For this gun it makes a difference.
  6. Here are some pictures of my recent 300 Blackout build using a Savage Striker. It is a pistol based on a Savage short action that was built for a few years. They are actually really hard to find and after 3 weeks of calling and emailing every person who listed one for sale in the last 18 months I found one. It is a left hand bolt with a right hand eject. The trigger is actually pretty nice for having a linkage. Hoping to get a chance to get it zeroed and have fun with it this weekend. The barrel started life as a 416SS Green Mountain blank with 8 twist. It was cut to 16.5" and thread
  7. Not titanium, solid carbide. True. Titanium tipped and coated ones i got at lowes worked fine for a snapped drill bit. Carbide would make fast clean work of the snapped bit Carbide is what is used to cut the taps from blanks. It's not cheap, and if you find a way to chip the edge of the drill bit you'll have hell finding something hard enough to sharpen it... but it will cut through hardened steel like a knife through butter. Green wheel for a bench grinder. They are pretty cheap and easy to find. I sharpen carbide bits for my lathe all the time.
  8. Saiga-12.com, the only place where a positive feedback leads to things that cannot be unseen.
  9. OP, In the world, every part of it, there is courtesy and etiquette that must be followed when dealing with others. In the world of buying and selling online the courteous thing is to keep it private until the matter is resolved or until it is obvious it will not be. You did not do this so you are going to have a hard time finding anyone on your side. You blasted the seller immediately on a public forum trying to get some sort of satisfaction rather than trying to find a resolution privately. As you look at that sight let us know how satisfying it was to blast a random, anonymous guy on th
  10. It doesn't even need to be tig welded, any mig will work. Set the bullet guide where you want it. Center the mig up on the hole then give it a 2-3 second burst. You will not blow a hole in anything and the worst case scenario is you might have to grind a little nipple down. This is the method I use to attach muzzle brakes to the barrel permanently. ANY welding shop can do it and probably most home hobby guys with a mig. I would walk into, and not just call, a local welding shop and ask a manager if any of his guys could do it. From my experience most welders are also gun guys and would get
  11. Like I said in the other thread you are going to be surprized at how well it does. I would not worry about making a metal threaded insert. I would screw the delrin directly onto the barrel. I use hand taps to thread mine and when using delrin it makes for a very nice, tight fit.
  12. Actually it was not as scathing as I expected. Definitely not as bad as MSNBC would have reported.
  13. I will take the: AK hand guard set with rail $10.00
  14. A lot of magazines here: http://www.saiga-12.com/products.asp And he ships FAST!!!!!
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