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  1. I just ordered one of those from you guys. I REALLY hope I'm tall enough...
  2. Up for sale is my Saiga 12 shotgun I acquired in 2011 and performed a pistol grip conversion with the following parts added: Hogue rubber pistol grip – $25. Competition break Jt Engineering – $100 Tromix Saiga fire control group – $45 Tromix trigger guard DIY – $45 Trigger group hole plugs – $1 Bolt hold open kit – $15 CSS brand Saiga 12 quad rail – $158.00 CSS iron sights – $75.95 V-Plug – $25.00 Mako Recoil Reducing Stock – $100.00 Mako Recoil Reducing Tube – $80.00 I've put maybe 200 rounds through it - I just don't shoot it often, hence the sale. But it is a great gun and works great! In addition to the original Saiga 5 round magazine, I'll include a couple of nice 10 round magazines. PRICE: $1000.00 plus $30.00 shipping to your FFL via PayPal. Add 3.5% if not using PayPal gift option. Contact me a john@jbhenterprises.net with questions. Best, John
  3. I've gone through two not innexpensive VFG's on my Saiga 12 - both polymer. Both sheered at the mounting bracket. Does anyone make a metal/aluminum bracket on the VFG that can better withstand 12ga recoil?
  4. Nice suggestsion, but yea those are big. Anyone know if the bungee cords on this will stretch long enough to hold a 10 round Saiga mag? http://www.lapoliceg...mspe-pouch.html EDIT I think something like this mike work better - the wider double mag capcity might work for a Saiga 12 ten rounder. http://www.lapolicegear.com/tag-atacs-molle-shingle.html
  5. That's not a bad idea, but I was looking for something molle compatible. I'll keep this in mind though as an option. I did end up finding a Beta C-Mag pouch on the bay for about $30.00 delivered. This may work pretty nicely for what I have in mind, but will keep on the look out for other options.
  6. By the way - I'm aware of the options provided by the vest guy - I'm looking for a lower cost alternative.
  7. In researching, I've discovered that a Beta C-Mag pouch will hold three ten round magazines VERY nicely. Unfortunately, they're harder than hens teeth to find! Grrrr.....
  8. Wow. Not a cheap bag. Has someone ever put 10 round Saiga 12 mags in it? It looks like they could work in the center area...maybe.
  9. OK, essentially what I'm looking for is something like this Maxpedition Active Shooter bag: http://www.amazon.com/Maxpedition-Active-Shooter-Front-Black/dp/B002XLHPPC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1354469852&sr=8-2&keywords=maxpedition+active+shooter+bag The only thing I've seen which comes anywhere close to what I'm looking for is this: http://acecase.com/m...iga-4-pack.html If this is my only choice I guess I'll live with it, but I'd love something that would allow me to be able to put in some pistol magazines too - either built on, or via molle attachment. It doesn't have to be something specifically designed to be a Saiga 12 10 round mag holder - just something that folks know will hold 2-4 magazines with either pistol mag pouches or molle. Any suggestions?
  10. Absolutely - it's a tremendous difference.
  11. I'd very much like to adjust the spring tension on the drum. Is there a drum dissasembly tutorial anywhere? As I said, I've reached a sticking point.
  12. Can you elaborate on this? The ammo is well tested using my 10 round magazines with no problems. I'm not understanding how the gas setting should be different for the drum.
  13. I'm guessing your response is playfully sarcastic and that the drum can easily be fixed? The vendor suggesting I adjust I dissemble the drum and adjust the spring tension. I reviewed disassembly in the manual and got to the part where you remove the follower and got stuck (I'm not exactly what one would call mechanically inclined). Would adjusting the spring tension help what ails my drum? Is there better/more detailed disassemly tutorials out there than what's provided in the manual?
  14. I'm debating on whether to return this to vendor I purchased it from...heavily leaning toward returning it. I took my drum out to the range yesterday to test it - loaded it fully with 2 3/4" slugs. The first 10 rounds had a failure to feed after firing each round - in each instance the bolt would hang open. I'd yank on the handle, release it, bolt would close. I'd fire another shot and the cycle would repeat. After about the 10th round, the drum/gun began firing and functioning properly. I went to reload the drum, and could not get more than 1 round in. The drum would not turn to allow the next round to be loaded. Can anyone diagnose these issues or is just a faulty drum that needs to be returned?
  15. Sorry, John, I didn't scan past your bio at the bottom, or see the additional pages No problem.
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