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    GOD, guns, guitars & my Harley-Davidsons. I better add my German Shepherd and wife too!
  1. Thanks ... To me, it was simply a cosmetic choice to get a vented tube.
  2. Are you sure that's a Tapco pg? The pic isn't the best, but that looks more like a MD Molot grip, (which is superior), to me. Ya know what??? ... I just assumed it was a Tapco grip because everything else is Tapco parts for the conversion. There is NO I.D. marks whatsoever on it. So I guess I'll amend my statement as soon as I contact the conversion company on July 5th ... and I will - gotta know. Thanks for pointing that out. All you guys who got your IZ132 already converted from Classic Arms in North Carolina ... did yaz get the same grip???
  3. Today, I received my new vented gas tube and lower handguard retainer from DinzagArms.com. I gotta say, the quality and workmanship is well worth the money and short waiting period. Also, last week, I got my Russian Red laminated furniture kit made by Timberline ... absolutely beautiful!!! All parts went onto my IZ132 sporter within 45 minutes. EVERYTHING fit perfect with absolutely NO mods on anything. Parts are all tight with no rattles or noises of any kind. The baby feels so much better than stock because fitment of the polymer parts was kinda sloppy from whoever did the compliance m
  4. OK OK OK OK ... Sorry ... reading is essential. I should've read all 8 pages of this thread before I posted my question :>) My "August 2011" came from the manual ... not the actual stamped serial# in receiver which, seems to be like most of yaz - H09XXXXXX I promise I'll start reading more often ...
  5. I didn't noticed any step in the casing but I did not look closely into any of them, I will check on this next week. I am not sure where these notches that you are talking about should I remove the handgaurd to be able to see them? Yup Close up Far shot Mine has a manufacture date of August 2011. It's 'stepped' and has the same notches under the handguard as shown in these 2 pics. Can I conclude mine is threaded??
  6. I'm waiting for my Dinzag parts to arrive so that I can get a wood furniture set. The made in USA ones look fantastic and apparently can be fitted with minimal adjustment. I've seen somewhere on these AK forums that Russian furniture can be used if various other parts are swapped out. Can anyone vouch for and point?? Tanks (T-34)
  7. Thanks Folks!! All yer inputs are always appreciated ... both useful and entertaining. So now that I know my new Saiga is a IZ132, let the fun begin. Since I acquired this baby, it now completes my 'Russian' collection .. a Mosin, an SKS and this Saiga. I marvel at the thought of the Russians never having started a war yet, they have all these simplistic, hand-held 'weapons of mass destruction'. What rattles me the most is my 91/30 ... reading about the destruction of the Romanov dynasty, a couple of these Mosins (along with various other 'cannons') were used in the obliteration at very
  8. Thanks for that! Reading is essential Mine is a version '03' as well. What was your 'Extreme spread of impacts (4 bullets) @ 100 metres'??? Mine says 138mm.
  9. Got my Saiga from these folks no problem about 8 months ago. Needless to say, I love it! My problem is one of not being able to identify which model this is ie: SGL21. The Russian Saiga manual that comes with it has pictures of about 8 different models. This is the Izmash 'sporter' model I bought already converted with 922r compliance Tapco parts for $519.00 @Classic Arms in NC. Anybody else get one from there??
  10. Thanks for all your replies! This above quote is exactly my experience at the moment. I'm in the motor vehicle business 40 hours a week and do have a good number of law enforcement customers come through the store regularly. The question has been posed to a lot of them with the answer being different almost every time - a number of them also admitting to not really knowing for sure. An email was sent to the Department of Agriculture in Tallahassee (they issue the licences) a few weeks ago and I have not yet recieved a response. Tried to phone them numerous times - forget about it, you
  11. Greetings, I spend a lot of my 50 hour week in a Ford Econoline Van with no windows except in the front doors and windshield. I'd like to carry my AK around in it with me as my personal firearm of choice. After all, it is 'concealed' in the van. Here in Florida, you can have a long gun in your vehicle as long as the ammo is stored away from the rifle. In other words, easy/instant access to the rifle can not happen like drawing a pistol from a waistband. When I get my permit do you guys think this will be allowed with the bounds of the law or does the CCW apply only to a firearm con
  12. I don't see anything appealing to me on any of the usual web sites. I just want my Saiga looking as good as she can. Does making your own wooden replacement parts keep you within the compliance codes??
  13. OK .. thanks for that info .. it looks like I better immerse myself in more study on this topic of 922r. Since I purchased my Saiga AK already converted and legal from Classic Arms NC, it came with a TAPCO 30 round mag. It sounds like I need to know how many foreign parts are on my brand new beauty. If I use one of my AIM surp metal mags in place of the US made TAPCO mag, and happens to make 11 foreign parts in the gun instead of 10, then, I'm breaking laws????
  14. Yeahh... I didn't think so. I didn't with anything else I own but I was concerned about the amount of vodka those folks consume over there and QC issues ... even while working. Heck ... I guess it ain't no different over here. Thanks!
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