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  1. Interesting. if it works, it works, I guess. Any wear on the jb weld yet? Chunks missing, gouges? Back to that nice looking rifle: Why the tall riser for the optic?
  2. +1 for selling and starting over. You now have increased the value of your rifle by convirting it. Put it on consignment and play with something else until it sells, which it definately will. Buy a new one. Do what you can to polish the crappy FCG up on the stock Saiga. Unfortunately, with the trigger in the forward position, there is no stock set that I know of that is Cali legal and will allow you to reach the trigger with anything close to a normal grip {while using detachable mags}. Your other option is a 'featureless' kydex grip fin. Either way, unless you move the trigger back or buy
  3. I also have that Tru Glo red/green dot. Works great. Tough, holds zero fine and nice n bright. Dubious about your mag mods...but please, just for curiosity sake, give us a high round count range report at some point.
  4. I am going to wait for some range time to confirm it is in fact canted. If I carefully follow the center line of the gas tube with my eye, the FSB does appear off center to the right... I can't really think of anything I did to it that would have realistically broken the press fit of the FSB. It did shoot straight before mods, but then again, I haven't shot it past 50 yds yet, so it may be that it was canted all along, as Chile Relleno says, and out past that distance it will start to show some windage error. Unfortunately, I will probably not have time for range til the next department tr
  5. I don't see how I could have done it while threading, as threading exherts very little torque, especially with a sharp die and lots of cutting oil, which I used. But I tightened the muzzle device by hand as tight as I could and still have it properly aligned. That's the only point I can imagine enough torque could have been applied. I tried banging on it with a mallet, but no go. I got concerned that smacking it even harder might bend or twist the barrel instead of rotating the FSB. But maybe I need to stop being a girl about it and hit that damn thing...it is an AK
  6. I cut off the front of the barrel shroud on my 7.62x39 and threaded the barrel for a muzzle device. I installed the device and afterward noticed that the front sight LOOKS canted to the right. Never noticed that before, and it shot straight with the irons out of the box just fine. So my theory is that I may have exherted enough torque when tightening the left hand thread on the muzzle device that I twisted the FSB to the right. I did not clamp the FSB in a vice, just held the rifle down on a bench, which may have been a mistake. But is that even possible? It was a birdcage without wrench f
  7. Texas Weapon Systems Dogleg cover TruGlo Reflex sight Arsenal single hook FCG Red Jacket A2 hider Romanian gas tube Hougue PG Timbersmith black lam wood Vulcan Arms lower HG retainer Romanian mags Right now tho its a mutt, w the tapco wood pictured, except for an intrafuse lower handguard, Magpul AFG and LaRue Tactical handstop as a thumb brake on left side. Will post a pic of that setup when I can, as well as a range report on using a thumb brake on an AK. Plans are for an enhanced selector lever and an optic that will cowitness with irons. Possibly a tritium front post as well.
  8. All the annoying stuff is already done to boot. What a score. I have probably $700-$800 into mine
  9. A wire feed welder works well on sheet metal. Fins a steel rail and weld it on. Or find a friend with a welder.
  10. The BHO is not that much of an advantage, IMO, especially after conversion - don't like controls in my trigger guard but a trigger. Sounds like a fine deal to me tho. If I had a 20 inch 7.62, it would become an RPK clone real quick. Look into it and I bet you like the idea too.
  11. Amen. I have a RJF A2 birdcage on mine. Hold your weapon on target, that's your brake. Force that muzzle down. If you MUST have a product to aid you, get a gas pedal or Larue hand stop.
  12. I'm in the same class. I have a set of tapco plastic with Magpul AFG, gas pedal, light, etc. And a Timbersmith black wood set. The wood set is classic enough, but more sleek, I think. I always have the Texas Weapon Systems dog leg rail with an optic tho, so I guess I never get fully classic.
  13. Thats...strangely intriguing. I like it...I think. You did the 'battlefield pickup' look pretty well. F-ing up a new gun on purpose still seems naughty, but you may have started a new trend in firearms...distressed reporoductions.
  14. Thanks for the update. I was impatient and noticed the sheet metal shims supplied with the stock. I took the two top 'T' shaped shims and forced them into the bottom of the top handguard, at each end. They molded to the wood with the sharp edges and spring-tension in the metal keeping them in, and the wood is perfectly tight on the gas tube now. Don't feel like posting pics, so hope my explanation is good enough. May go for the springs later if there is a problem after some range time.
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