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  1. If you're complaining about the increased weight of the AK and its ammunition, compared to the AR15 and 5.56, then that is a user issue and not the firearm's flaw. Go hit up a gym.
  2. Ok guys. It was the bullet guide's screw. I replaced it with this screw, which was part of left-overs from computer internals: http://oi44.tinypic.com/4h9quc.jpg http://oi39.tinypic.com/o7r4hf.jpg It breeches and cycles perfectly now.
  3. Yes I drilled all the way through the receiver. It looks I'll have to assess the BG. Would using a flat screw instead of the rounded one it came with be ok, or does it specifically need the rounder screw?
  4. I initially babied the bolt carrier slowly to see if it binds up on anything, but then I let it fly and it still won't fully close. That's where the dimple on the primer came from in the last picture. Also, when I let it fly, the bolt is completely stuck and I have to use a rubber mallet to get it lose again. The bolt carrier closes flushed perfectly without a round in the chamber.
  5. (Title should read: Round will not fully seat; Breech won't fully close) I had finished the full conversion a week ago and have been waiting on ammo to arrive. Now that it has, I was able to test its functionality (minus live firing it.) That's when I came up with this problem: Is this normal? Will it fix itself after firing several dozen rounds? It will strip a round out of the magazine and eject the round just fine, but the bolt won't flush itself completely forward: http://oi42.tinypic.com/e0ixwi.jpg http://oi39.tinypic.com/ml19pl.jpg Here's a few reference pictures of t
  6. Will iron sights marked for an AK-47 fit on a Saiga 7.62? I'm mainly interested in changing out the front sight for a Tritium dot with white circle, with plain black rear. The same setup on my M&P. If so, any good vendors selling them? Thanks
  7. What's that paddle thing for on the pistol grip? (noob question)
  8. Will most/all AK accessories fit my Saiga (7,62) as drop in, fitting required, or not at all? For example: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/54720-1.html Thanks!
  9. When you pull the trigger, don't have your entire index finger wrapped around the trigger. The tip of your finger, where the fingerprint whorl is, should be centered against the trigger for steadiness, trigger awareness, and to eliminate swaying when squeezing.
  10. digging a trap door for anyone that comes to my door demanding candy. nothing more than government agents looking to see how much i have, so they can tax me on my candy. if they never report back, they never know i exist.

    1. Fallschirmjager667


      i gave some kid a pack of instant soup, lol

  11. I will be using an Intrafuse handguard, and the G2 trigger kit for my 4 compliance parts (not too keen on a full conversion). I like the fact that the plastic/polymer magazines are lighter than the steel ones, but this will be my MBR/SHTF rifle so I don't want them to crap out on me. So looks like steel is the way to go then.
  12. Ah ok then, but where would I be able to find out information about non-business members sch as this one? Or am I only limited to buy (safely) from the business member list?
  13. Has anyone bought from these guys? They are selling Tapco 30 rounders for $6.99 I was looking to stock up on some European milsurp steel magazines as opposed to the composite plastic ones, but at this price I might go with the Tapco. Thoughts? EDIT: Then again, I've been thinking: Plastics are for AR's
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