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  1. I opted for bolted, so I could remove it myself later on if I wanted to. I like the size of the trigger guard, I need that extra finger room.
  2. I wanted a larger trigger guard to use winter gloves with my gun (Winter can get harsh here). Later down the line, can one trigger guard be switched to another without drilling?
  3. Looking back, that would have been a wise decision. However, to save face, I'll probably just let him finish the job. I'm really reluctant. I've used this guy in the past for other things, and it's been fine every time, no complaints. He was upfront that he's never done a saiga conversion, but I thought better him with his experience than me with none. I took it to the range anyway. Still cycles birdshot like a champ. But still, that's a pretty big thing to miss...probably shouldn't have just dropped it off stripped down to nothing. I have really bad luck with guns. Oh, the Cadiz guy? Yeah! I've heard alot about him. Yeah, that would have been a better option. But this ruise cruise has set sail, and I'm the captain.
  4. So, in conclusion, it's fixable? And no. Not alot of Saigas in my region.
  5. Every AK has a pistol grip that lines right up with the guard. I just hope it's repairable.
  6. I just hope its fixable. Well, with gunsmiths, you have well known places with FFL transfers where you have to ship your guns, or local places. I've used this one in the past, but I wasn't expecting this. A converted AK is not supposed to have that gap. I just pray to God it's fixable.
  7. Hello. I'm back again. Picked my saiga up from the gunsmith. Everything went well, till I installed the pistol grip. I'm using one of those overmolded grips. When I put it together, I found quite a gap. Should I send it back to get the grip moved forward?
  8. So are we going with the M5-.8 with the 10-15mm pitch (buy both screws, see which one is correct)?
  9. I think I'm gonna stick with JB welding the cover, sanding it down, and using the color GunFun recommended. If it's under a vented cover, it shouldn't stick out too bad. Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. My only fear is the paint wouldn't match the finish of the rest of the gun
  11. Greetings Fellow Enthusiasts, When I first bought my s12 a few years back, I made an excellent decision by buying a cheap quad rail on ebay, and torqued down the wrong screws, putting two large dimples in my gas tube. Gun runs great, but I don't like looking at the gas tube. I don't want a quad rail anymore, I want a standard foreend that encapsulates both the barrel and the gas tube (all i can find only cover the barrel). A rail on the bottom would be nice, but not required. I've spent a couple hours looking, and can't find one. Can you help a newbie out? Pic related, How badass I felt when I got the quadrail because oper8r as fuq
  12. As the title implies, I want to buy a saiga 12 gas tube. I know they're pretty rare to come by, but I figured I'd at least give it a shot. I'm not really familiar with the exact details of a conversion, but the gas tube would need to work with an unconverted s12. The old one still runs great, but i damaged it cosmetically pretty bad (a complete hurr durr moment, but I digress). Any response would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to keep it under 50 dollars, preferably via paypal. Thanks for looking.
  13. Quick Question: When a saiga 12 is converted (standard conversion from any gunsmith) what happens to the gas tube? Is there a gunsmith who switches gas tubes when he converts a saiga? The only reason i ask is, I definitely found a way to dent my gas tube (and look like an ass while doing it). While the quad rail hides the imperfection, I still know its there, and want to have it converted some day
  14. If one could promise the reliability to match my s12, Id purchase in a heartbeat.
  15. Can I get back to you in a year or two? Its too close to call. I love my s12. Mine ran great out of the box, but I still wanted to fork out money for accesories (like getting something bigger than a 5 round mag) and picking up my "Crapco" Stock (go to hell, I love mine) For the record: I have not shot, but have handled the Akdal 1919. Performance doesn't matter to me in this personal opinion, as it can only be equal to or less than that of my saiga (she's jammed literally three times in the past year) Lets be realistic though. A plastic-feeling Turkish made shotgun? With no aftermarket potential as of now? (we shall see). And even if they came out with 10 rounders, a drum would never be made (the feed lip profile is so low, It'd look to awkward/get in the way). Saiga 12 has an established reputation as a quality Russian firearm. Russia is known for firearms (more like taking 1 design and stretching it out over 60 years, but who's counting? I've never hear of Turkey producing anything, let alone firearms. And the AR fanboys will be all over it because it looks like the beloved ar15, even though the action is not even close to that of their rifle. If the saiga never came to be, I'd be inclined to get a 1919. Necessity breeds invention. But there was no need for the 1919...... it's an answer to a problem that wasn't there.
  16. Newer guy here: I know its an older post, but some people just need a personal reply to feel better about a purchase: Im looking for a choke, either a 3 set (full, modified, or extra full) or a polychoke. I like separate chokes, thats how i run my pump guns. I talked to a clerk at gander about a polychoke for my s12 (people boo) and he said when they had a gun with a polychoke fixed, it actually took away from the resale....obviously these aren't fixed (apparently the old ones were). My gun is for range only, but some day, id like to replace my field 870 with it, not too mention, who doesnt like to control their spread on 7 and 1/2 shot?? If chokes affect cycling (they probably don't), for what its worth, my s12 is slightly overgassed. You guys already helped with that, though..... Poly choke or a set?? Please back up response with why its better (for example, does polychoke have good, consistent groups??). Keep in mind, I dont give a damn how it looks. If its tacticool, thats fine. If not, I really don't care. As always, thanks for your help. I've really never seen such a close-knit community whose only thing in common is an imported shotgun......
  17. Forgive a noobs post: I asked myself the same question regarding optics....long story short, the factory sights, much like everything else in factory config., work fine. Maybe you have a special setup: Do you shoot any specific loads frequently? 8 shot- depending on your choke, optics don't matter 00 Buck?- A simple red dot should suffice Regarding EOTech- Wonderful, name brand, maybe overkill on a shotgun, and run a very pretty penny. Just think of the 5 MD drums you get for that one sight.... And on a side note, that green finish is stunning.
  18. ~You get to use high capacity magazines such as the MD-20 20 round drum with no legality issues from the Federal government. All makes sense accept the above (to one confused young man.) No legality issues? MD arms drum is completely US made parts, so what would be the issue with throwing that on a fresh-out-of-the-box saiga? Maybe 922r doesnt make sense to me....I thought whatever we take off (the factory extremely functional yet boring stock, persay) can be replaced with any American made stock, and there would be no issue. Wouldnt switching magazines to MD arms be the same concept (magazine for US-made magazine)?
  19. I know its an old post......some mentioned this was normal in a converted s12. Is it normal in a factory one as well? Mine has almost identical wear patterns, but its still factory stock. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. I dont even know if its the rail. Its those G.D. dents that i put into it. Ill try cycling it on 2 (you have to admit, the fact it could cycle birdshot on 1 before hand is unheard of or at least to me). Ill try setting 2. If that fixes it, the dents dont matter (i wanna leave the quadrail on to attach the tactical microwave attachment. It should hopefully look like this when im done: Cheers, folks.
  21. Okay, first off, i completely with the character thing. It took me about 10 seconds to get over the fact i dented my 600 dollar (7 with mods) month old shotgun). . And i know it shouldnt have been able to cycle it on 1 (but it did). Well, now it can't, and the bolts moving freely with no friction in the tube.. Ill see what happens when i throw her on 2 tomorrow. Its not so much dents, its if it affected performance, and the sole cause was I (me, personally, through my stupidity). Im not so upset with the gun, its me im upset with. But, this isnt a self help forum, now is it? Ill find out more tomorrow. Ill try setting 2 for the first time. This (what, doubles?) the gas flow. This should help. If not, Ill try the socket trick. If not, ill blow the 100 or so dollars on a gunsmith (i dont want too, but i will if it comes down to it.) Its a UTG quad. I like it. just should have been easier with it. I used it to attach my foregrip
  22. Yeah, I think its well worth sacrificing a tool. I really dont think its affecting the performance, but its really no way to tell. Ill try the socket trick, it seems really good in theory. all over an overtorqued quadrail I did. Side question, any of you guys experience lower reliability when changing stocks?
  23. Thats a good idea. And just leave the socket on the ratchet extension? I feel i might lose it in there if it got too tight. But the raises in the tube are minimal, with minor craftsmanship skill and time (i possess both), this should take out the indents. And i remember doing similar adjustment with the mag extention on my 870. I did 2 mods to the gun (tapco t6 stock and quadrail). It used to be able to cycle birdshot on the 1 setting, now it jams. I'm hoping (or maybe in denial) that the stock reduced recoil making it harder for the gun to cycle (ive heard of this happening), and the indentations dont have anything to do with it. This could be the case. If worse comes to worse, i know a gunsmith can fix it. Its just dissapointing to have your stuff messed up, and 10xs worse if its your own damn fault. Im gonna try the setting 2 tomorrow. The bolt carrier falls freely dissasembled (only tension point when it slides across the trigger, other than that, the bolt carrier freely moves in and out of the gas tube (with the rear spring out and cover off, of course). Well, I appreciate your help.
  24. Specifically,the gas tube slightly indented inwards in 2 spots. I was tightening down a quad rail, and the screws went through the bottom and i literally torqued down my gas tube in 2 spots. The dents are maybe 2mm deep and 2 mm wide. Despite the dents, it still doesnt rub up against the bolt carrier. It doesnt affect performance (from what i have noted) In retrospect, it was stupid as hell to do, but it's done. It can be fixed (Id hire a gunsmith to indent the 2 spots back out.) This could be around 100 bucks, which im definitely willing to spend (its alot for a stupid mistake). Just thought maybe you guys knew of a place to get parts for em. Im kinda new to the s12 platform. On a side note, i appreciate your quotes on the bottom.
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