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  1. FWIW, I have coverted IZ433's. They came with the 4 round mags. I finally found some VEPR 12 10 rounders and they work flawlessly. Feed Cycle, and LRBHO works as advertised. Again this is with the Vepr 12 10 round magazines.
  2. I just received 8 IZ433's from Legion yesterday. Raw material for conversions. They do have availability. Talk with Alex... Any Legion mags available anywhere? (I know, gunbroker...)
  3. Great transaction on buttstock. Fast shipping, no drama!!
  4. Good guy, good trade, well worth taking off work! Will definitely do business with again!
  5. Two new Saiga Rifles received as advertised in the advertised condition. Smooth transaction. Will do business with again.
  6. THIS is what led me to the fix on my FTE's. Same as above, everything was right, holes unobstructed. The gas piston was slightly off center and catching the side of the gas block. My fix was fairly direct. I whacked the gas block hard with a rubber mallet. Amazingly it adjusted just enought to center the piston in the hole. Shot several mags (of high power ball) without a FTE after that. Ammo that would not eject before. Thanks Nits!
  7. Agree more info is needed... let me do a little more research... I was just getting frustrated...
  8. Yep... definitely a stop there... So I guess the gas puck only impinges on the rod for that inch and just that action forces the rod the rest of the way for a complete cycle? Trying to figure out why it is not ejecting. Seems like I have 3 holes that seem unobstructed... at least I can put a paperclip in them. Next step I suppse is to remove the Gas block and check the holes as described in the FTE thread.
  9. How far is the gas puck supposed to be able to travel down the gas tube? I am having FTE problems and have checked the holes, etc. The gas puck seems to only travel about an inch before it hits something at the back of the Gas Block.
  10. Great to work with, shipped expeditiously, arrived as advertised! Will do business with again!
  11. Pvt Joker... confirmed the details of our meet via PM. Not sure whether it sent so let me know if you got it.
  12. Concur on the IZ332's. The IZ-132's I have seen all need to be threaded once you remove the sleeve.
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