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  1. THIS: http://gunmodreview.com/tag/ak-47-bolt-hold-open/
  2. um no - that was a joke folks. 9 mm = 4 grains of Bullseye, 12 gauge = 17 grains....YMMV. Use the load books..... Red Dot works good for both too.
  3. The name for that is a duplex load. It has its uses.
  4. I know two guys associated with prepper shows on TV. What I have learned from their experience is that what shows on TV is BS. What makes to the air is so edited chopped and glued back together it does not resemble what was actually happening. Some "scenes" are shot over several days and you get a few seconds from one day played right next to another days clip...., and TV is for ratings - the more fringe and entertaining you are the more airtime you get. If 2 people are saying the same thing and one is calm and reasonable but the other is waving their arms and wild eyed - the wild man gets
  5. Before you melt them up, try a handful of shells loaded with them on the patterning board. They might work just fine for a given distance - say home defense ranges as compared to 50 yard fly by shooting.....
  6. Stacked silver dimes is my standard anti-demon and werewolf stopping round.
  7. When I was 10 years old, my parents sold our home in NY and were closing on a house in NC where we spent our family vacations. The buyer in NY backed out and declared bankruptcy pretty much destroying my parents' finances. They were forced to back out of the closing on the house in NC and we have lived in NY ever since. I was disappointed and sometimes wonder how life would have been different had we made the move.......... Of course our friends in NC told me that I would always be a yankee no matter what. They explained "Just 'cause a cat puts her kittens in the oven, don't make 'em b
  8. Others will tell you that the sky will fall if you follow my advice. But I follow the lead of my reloading mentor who has been doing this for 40 years and it has been working fine for me for 20 years.... Most here will tell you that I am going to blow mself up - but I use the cheapest primer, hull, and wad in any combination I happen to have on hand. I only pay attention to the powder charge and shot (or slug) weight in the load books and ignore everything else. It works for me. Your mileage may vary.
  9. And then we have to see if they will hit anything!
  10. They are talking bout rifles, not shotguns. Centerfire systems has them for 599. A few folks from here have bought from them. Hey Groovy, read it again Well shoot, SOMEBODY was talking about shotguns! Thanks.
  11. I don't see VEPR 12 gauge for $499. I see them at $999 - http://centerfiresys...om/vepr-12.aspx
  12. I was posting it to show how my BBB steel shot (.19 inches diameter) compared to your .31 diameter bearings. Looks to me like they are about "O" buck.
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