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  1. hadn't been on this board for years, decided to check on the state of the Saigas. Sorry to resurrect this thread, I had a 12c from a long time back, just after the ban sunsetted. I don't remember the number, but the 12c's came in on a weird exception. at 22 inches, that gun never failed to cycle/shoot. YMMV, and good luck.
  2. hmmm, how did you come to that? The ATF doesn't even consider the Saiga 12 to have a trunnion. It does however consider it to have a receiver .....
  3. wondering what the point would be with these? Seems like 922r compliance will only be required to high capacity mags, but they will each replace/remove 3 foreign parts (including the floor plate) so I'm not sure of the point. Unless the high cap mags are being made by joining foreign mag bodies? I was hoping someone was working up US made hi caps?
  4. Not unheard of for pistol matches to hold "side" matches too. I ran a shotgun sidematch for a bit, was a lot of work and a lot of fun. It grew to be ~5 stages run after the match. we had 30-40 pistoleers, but usually only had 10 or fewer shotgunners. I usually had 1 field stage needing 25 - 35 rounds to complete, then a couple of tactical (shoot around barricades, etc) and usually something speedy involving 5 rounds or so (so that all classes compete heads up, except the occasional double bbl users ) It's a lot more effort to set up, mostly steel instead of cardboard, in the summer heat
  5. kmoore

    S-20 for 3 gun

    Here's my experience with recoil reduction.... I picked up my first Saiga years ago, it was a 20 ga as it was 30 or 40 bucks cheaper. I know my buds would give me grief as I was shooting a wussy caliber, but my knowledge on 20ga told me (intellectually) that recoil would be about the same as usually 20ga shotties run on lighter frames, so the perceived recoil would be similar (so in my mind I wasn't wimping out). Afterwards I found out that local matches at that time (this was likely somewhere around 2002 ish) require 00 buck (not available in 20ga) and one match even required 12ga.
  6. Hey, I've followed this thread, and was surprised to see these work, as I thought they didn't in your original test report. Maybe I've missed something? I hacked out all but the relevant parts of your original data to focus my question. Also, I'm an data analyst, so the numbers always stick with me more than the vids, barely watched most ... would rather read the numbers Anyways, it looks like the cheap ammo didn't cycle with the factory spring, only with the reduced spring?
  7. The trouble with determining reliability is that you have to shoot a BUNCH of rounds in a bunch of situations to measure it. Actually, you can only estimate it with certain bands of confidence, but that gets us to statistics. Each of us has varying levels of experience with their mags. My saiga is for action shooting competitions (3 gun and shotgun tactical). I've never baby'd my gear, drop it in the mud, throw the shotgun down, etc. I have an old post about dropping a mag in the mud, picking it up and putting it and a glob of mud into the shotgun, and finishing the course. I clean
  8. Alliance offered their drum ~ a year earlier than Mike, IIRC. I think I was the first of the AA adopters on this board (?), I wrote this post http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=18771&st=0&p=160662&hl=drum&fromsearch=1entry160662 That is dated Aug 2007, I think they were shipping drums in July 2007. Can't remember when Mikes drums came out, I meant to get some of the early ones, but finances and priorities changed and I had 2 of the AA drums that run great. I did finally get some of his when price went to $100 ... now I'm contemplating more. The confusion li
  9. Ain't gonna happen. You're dealing with two different economies, mindsets, political situations, etc. The Russian eight rounders are the gold standard for structure/function/reliability. What Tritium said. The MD20 fell due to competition or hatred towards AA or need to fill up the bank account to finish out the doublestacks or the market bogging down at the old price point or some combination of the these. All of these were predictable, tho maybe not very likely. The Saiga 8 rounders would sell for ~ the price of the 5 rounders when they are legally imported in bulk by RAA or ?
  10. 16ga just isn't needed anymore, mostly continues on life support that is due to fond memories.... 12ga std load is 1 1/8 oz 20ga std load is 7/8 oz 16ga std load is 1 oz ... and there are 1oz loads developed for the 20ga or a 12ga. But the 12ga is more likely to suffer in reliability so make sure before you start your hunt. (and likely buy, check the interweb). The other reason for the 16ga is it's lighter for when you are carrying in the field ... but the 20ga is a better solution (IMO). I know that just because the load is the same weight, it's not exactly the same. The gau
  11. Thanks nalioth... this will help to clarify this my question. Do you have the list of features that would prohibit importation of shotguns? All I've found is 925d3 where the sporting purpose language is (included below for reference) ... but don't have a list of what might make a firearm non-sporting (and therefor unimportable and subject to 922r should alterations be made to a sporting version.) (d) The Attorney General shall authorize a firearm or ammunition to be imported or brought into the United States or any possession thereof if the firearm or ammunition— skipping part 1 and
  12. Some question in the 12ga section got me thinking about 922r compliance. I have an older EAA import without factory threads, and am confident that I'm on safe ground. In fact, I haven't checked into this region of the forum for some (read years) time. In the "old days" I didn't see threaded bbls listed as muzzle devices on this forum, and I'm wondering how they came to be. First off, I think 922r discussions get a little confusing when we don't differentiate between a shotgun's configuration (non sporting vs sporting) and the actual 922r parts compliance. For instance, I could put 20 p
  13. Just now seeing this post. My limited experience is that Saiga bbls have all of their choke in the last inch or two of the bbl. You might have a pretty open pattern now, so threading for chokes may be a very good idea unless you need an a wide open pattern.
  14. ok, that's downright funny. I have to admit that I've seen Bridis's name numerous times and always read it as birdis. IIRC he used to have a bird/creature in his avatar so I think my brain saw "bird" in his name. Weird, it's like an optical illusion. And no, I'm not dislecksick. YMMV.
  15. sometimes the ammo manufactures try to scrimp on cost by creating 1 oz loads, these are notoriously unreliable in most autoloaders (unless they've jacked up the speed to compensate, and sometimes even that is bad). These are usually sold as hunting loads (dove?) IIRC. This could be independent of manufacture. Don't remember much more, I just avoid the 1 oz stuff. I did buy some (all that was available and cheap) years ago, and it ran ok in my shotty. I think it was labeled super speed or something like that, seems like the box was mostly white. I believe the speed was over 1300 fps,
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