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  1. Happened to me this spring. Cobra Customs fixed it. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/user/1293-cobras-custom-llc/
  2. Thanks, how do I contact Cobra (or is it a screen name)? I'm not too active on here since I finished my S12 and moved on to other things. As I said, I would replace the bolt carrier were it not for the fact it is polished. The design of a tapered threaded socket that bears most of the recoil seems strange on a Russian gun. I would have liked to see the same OD all the way to the end of the threads. IZMASH!
  3. I am having the same problem. I have a 2009 Izzy 109 and the bold was polished by Pauly. I don't think I am under warranty anymore (purchased in 2011). I would like to just send it out and get it fixed, and I will pay whatever the cost is. Who would do this?
  4. +1 for removing the quad rail. I just removed mine and the gun cycles great for the first time. And, it's lighter and the CG is right over the trigger, making it handle much more naturally. I have a red dot that is attached to a SKS side rail.
  5. One more UTG quad rail problem. Removed it and the gun cycled great. Ran 100 rounds today, and the last 25 cycled perfectly with a V-plug and light brass spring. Before, I needed slugs or 00 buck to get the gun to cycle without a misfeed or FTE. With the UTG quad removed, it cycled the OEM 5-rounder fine, and a couple of stovepipes for the 10-round ProMag gen2's, usually on the last round of the mag. Like so many others here, get the gun to cycle properly before adding anything! My S12 needed a 3rd port drilled, which I had done by a local gunsmith. I also have Pauly's polish job, and with those mods alone the gun is now cycling the way Khrushchev intended!
  6. I have this stock, and is there any chance there is a sling attachment point on it? I'm looking at a couple of holes in the side close to the mounting plate, but I can't tell if they are sling attachment holes or not.
  7. I have personally seen an unconverted S-12 in a Chicagoland shop for $950. Don't forget about that 10% sales tax. Yup, over a cool GRAND for an unconverted S-12. Sad thing was, they said they sell 2-3 a week at that price.
  8. I am about to get my 2-port gun drilled by a professional gunsmith to open the ports. It requires the MD Arms plug to be at position 5 (wide open) to shoot slugs, this is with a glassbolt, MD Arms superpuck, and a low-brass spring. Is a 3-port gun with 3/32 (.090) ports the ideal configuration?
  9. This is the thread: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/33836-modification-to-repair-fte-issues-on-saigas-with-blocked-gas-ports/
  10. Cool, and you did this by taking off the gas block and drilling it out? I am on the list to have my gun looked at by Cadiz, but not until April. I may have to try and drill them out. What kind of bit did you use?
  11. As an update to mine... I am sending it in to Cadiz to have the gas ports opened up. I tried the MD Arms plug, the low brass puck, and the low brass recoil spring. It would barely cycle target loads (about 40% of the time) and even 1oz slugs required that I use the + setting on the MD plug. $125 and they will fix it up.
  12. A Palmetto State M4A1: http://palmettostatearmory.com/8923.php If not that, a S&W MP15 Sport: http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=71969
  13. Two holes, May 2011, H09406XXXT. Purchased from Classic Arms as a converted gun. Currently getting the Pauly glass bolt treatment. It did not cycle low brass before I sent it in to Pauly, only mod was an MD Arms gas plug. I will be using a low recoil spring and a new piston (MD Arms booster puck). Can a two-holed Saiga cycle low brass? I have purchased a case of ball rounds from SGAmmo which should be heavy enough to cycle. My local gun range does not allow anything but slugs and balls anyway. Might have to sell my Walmart value packs on Craigslist.
  14. This. Does anyone make a 5-round knockoff? I love the look of the 5-rounders and if you should ever have to use your Saiga to defend yourself, the 10-round and up mags are just full of firepower and may be frowned upon by a jury. It would be the same argument if you used a 33 round mag in your Glock. It may be legal but not a great idea legally.
  15. I’m interested in this one, since my local range only allows slugs from shotguns. I did get some Centurion ball ammo, .650 caliber from SG Ammo. $69 per case of 250. If the gun has a .717 bore, the .650 ball should have plenty of room.
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