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  1. I have a SGM Saiga Tactical Stock Set in good condition, looking for $75.00 shipped. Next up is a Quad rail, I believe to be a Texas Shooters Supply rail as displayed on their site. It is in excellent condition and will come with the rail covers as seen in the below photos, looking to get $45.00 shipped. The stock set and quad rail will fit 5.45/223/7.62 Saigas. Will accept USPS money order or PayPal plus 3%. First "I'll take it" gets the item, please follow up with a PM. Items are cross posted. Thanks for looking.
  2. I have some furniture for a Saiga conversion that I no longer need. All of the equipment is in new condition with no signs of wear on them. Chaos Quad Rail - $135.00 Hogue AK Grip - $20.00 SOLD PENDING FUNDS - Primary Arms MD-06L Micro Dot Site - $75.00 All prices are shipped via priority US mail within the Continental US, USPS money order or discreet PP + any fees I incur.
  3. I have a set of used but in new condition Leupold QRW (49853) 1" low profile scope rings for sale. I'm looking to get $50.00 shipped, USPS money order or PayPal plus 3.5% if I have to incur any fees. Thanks
  4. SOLD - I have a lightly used MI 30mm scope side mount. It was mounted on a Saiga with a 1-4X24 scope which sat just above the dust cover. The mount locks up tight and centers the scope on the rifle perfectly. I'm looking to get $100.00 shipped, USPS money order or PP gift or plus 4% otherwise. I should still have the original packaging for this mount. Thanks for looking.
  5. This rifle will come with 1 Csspecs 20rd magazine and the price includes shipping to your FFL as long as they'll accept the rifle from a private party. If they require it to be sent by my FFL it will be an additional $30.00 to cover the fee. Thanks
  6. I will get more photos for you this evening. Thanks
  7. I have a couple of Saigas I'm looking to sell to make room for other rifles. First up is a 21" 308 that has been finished in DuraCoat Ultra flat tactical black. The front sight block has been moved back and the barrel threaded to 5/8"X24 and outfitted with a JT Enterprises Bennie Cooley muzzle brake. The furniture is a Choate Dragunov setup using a Dinzag bolt on lower handguard retainer. The rear site leaf, trigger guard and gas tube have been replaced on this setup. It has a Tapco single hook trigger group as well. I'm looking to get $900. for this rifle. Next I have another 308 with
  8. I have two CSS M4 style collapsible stock adapters in Commercial size tube, $40.00 each shipped or both for $60.00. PP gift or USPS money order accepted. Will trade for Steel AK mags if someone is interested.
  9. SOLD - I have a Tapco collapsible T-6 stock that came on one of my Saigas prior to conversion, $30.00 shipped. I accept PP gift or USP money orders. Thanks
  10. This is the best way to remove your broken tap. I too have gotten careless and broke a tap and spent hours trying to figure out how to remove it even though I had read in this very forum to use a hammer and punch. It literally only took three hits and it shattered the broken tap after which I was able to use the threads I had already cut. I chased the threads with another tap just to clean them up.
  11. I was kind of thinking this was a joke by the name of the thread but I guess it could happen. I figured he was wanting to see everybody jump in and yell at him for mentioning drilling out the FCG axis pins on a 308.
  12. $500.00! My buddy owns a Pawn shop, he only had $300.00 in it to begin with.
  13. I'll know more this afternoon when I see my friend, I'll let you know as soon as we negotiate a price.
  14. I took the rifle out to the range this morning and fired 100 rounds through it. Surprisingly the trigger was crisp and felt as good as all of my G2's. I may have to make an offer on this rifle and then work on getting the correct upper hand guard and muzzle device.
  15. Cool, thanks for your input. I'm going to take it to the range tomorrow to make sure it functions properly and then I'll make an offer to the owner.
  16. One other thing, is it safe to say this rifle is a pre-ban and if so does that mean it isn't subject the the 922r? Is there a way to date this rifle, there are no other markings visible other than the serial number and importers name? Yes, I would need the two long rivets. I didn't see any rivets on the AKBuilder site specific to a Chinese AK but I did read something that the rivers for a PSL would work.
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