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  1. On 5/20/2021 at 7:20 AM, YOT said:

    Heavy, slow bullets hit hard. 250 grain .45 colt is one of my favorite bullets to shoot. The 26" barrel is 3MOA accurate at 100 yards and hits about 3.5" high at 50 yards. This is a really fun gun to shoot but a PITA to clean. 



    I had just started to get into 45 colt when the pandemic hit. Bought a Taurus raging judge for steal, and loved it! The hornady 240 grain 454 casull at 1900 ft/sec... not so much (at least not more than 5-6 rounds at a time without a shooting glove.) I will pick up a Henry Silver Big Boy in 45 Colt if they ever get back in stock. I have everything to reload except a powder that is optimized. Unique and Titegroup are currently all I have left in pistol powder.

  2. 5 hours ago, mixednuttz said:

    I'm waiting on a barrel and dies to get made for a new wildcat. (Should be any day now!) Basically it's a 300 Norma Mag necked down to .270. If it makes the projected velocity numbers it should stay supersonic past 1,700 yards using the Nosler Accubond LR. That should be a fun one to shoot.

    Yes that qualifies as exciting! Look forward to hearing more about it once completed.

  3. Thanks guys, and it is good to still see you both around.

    It is still a work in progress, and I do wish I had more space. One of the greatest positives has been moving and organizing a lot of the firearm stuff I have bought and stashed over the years. I actually know what I have now, and I definitely won’t be buying anymore AK-47 magazines ever😂

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  4. So a dream of mine has always been to have a safe room. Living in the southern portion of tornado alley, many us either have spaces that are reinforced or underground.

    Moved recently and finlly converted our reinforced tornado shelter into a gun safe room as well. It’s not all that big at 80 sqft, but the only way to get to it is via a secret entrance, and it also doubles as my man cave and reloading room. Still some more work to do.D053F5FB-661A-4B4D-890E-02F3CDA850D8.thumb.jpeg.125f1eb2219bef900d202265fe942b14.jpeg



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  5. Given the fact that bump stocks were deemed illegal without any new law passed, and with no grandfather clause or compensation for those who purchased them, I personally wouldn’t spend $500 on something that is likely to suffer a similar fate. Sore subject for many of us I’m sure.

    I am sure it does rock however and is a great amount of fun. Hope you enjoy it!


  6. Quite honestly, I do not shoot either very often, and when I do, it is Tula 150’s. I have several other .308’s that I shoot regularly for distance and hand load for. 

    So these are really more for collection purposes. The 20” is more functional from a ballistics standpoint, but there is something about the 16” that is just sexier.  It seems like the .308 Saiga’s along with the .223’s are the least desirable calibers.

    FWIW the 16” is an ‘08 imported by RAA and the 20” is a ‘10 imported by Legion.


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  7. What’s wrong with Chicago?...It is run by Democrats. Period. Show me one thing, anything that they touch that does not turn to complete crap. We have liberals moving into AL by the droves from the craphole cities they just left saying it is too expensive to live there and there is no opportunity. Out of the other side of their mouth they complain about why AL hasn’t banned plastic bags and ‘Vote Blue in 2020’ It has to be a mental disease! They can in no way make the connection that the very party and policies they vote for turns their community, city,  and state into the autocratic high tax spawn of hell, they want to leave.

    NY just killed a bill to help members of Gold star families go to college, while just a week earlier they set aside millions to help Illegal aliens go to college? People actually defend killing a baby at term citing “choice”?

    It would seem that this country is marching straight toward Concord (Version 2019), and I would hate to be one of these American hating politicians if that happens. Regardless, at some point soon accountability has to come.

    Apologies....Rant over!


    Pissed in Alabama


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  8. So I guess that means no more sharking with you?😂

    I will give you a call the next time we head down to Mobile. Kayla is finishing up her Sophmore year at UM, and will be working down there over the summer. My mom lives in Daphne now as well, so we will probably make a at least a few trips down this summer.

    Had to give up the new gun addiction for a while....paying for college, a reliable used car for my youngest, a new 3 Ton HVAC unit for one that died, and a healthy check to the IRS all at one time has me on financial austerity at the moment.

    Anytime you want to make the trip just let me know. You can bring your family and stay on the property as we finished out the top of the barn. Even if you just want to get away a couple of days. Take care brother.

  9. Loved it before, but really digging the new furniture. Very nice John. You need to come visit me south of BHam and we will put it through its paces on my range. Rifle plates out to 370 yds and an active pistol range with 11 plates to engage as you progress up hill through the woods.

    It is the least I can do to repay you for the shark fishing.

  10. Glock 19, 5.56 10.5” SBR build, and Saiga 12. Those are the guns I train with and trust with my life. But as said earlier, they are tools, and typically the tools you use the most are your favorites.

    ETA...The more I run the Lynx, the more I like it. It may replace the Saiga, but only because I love the Saiga and want to make sure she is passed on generation to generation.

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  11. There is a ton of data on the web on this subject. Expand your search from YouTube out to many of the gun forums (Highroad has an extensive thread) and study the posts. A lot of great information.. 

    I have seen IMR-4064 listed as the culprit in multiple threads on multiple forums, but recommended charge load varies. 

    I have found Federal brass to be on the soft side, thus potentially reducing the number of reloads, but if you are reloading precision rifle ammunition for a single rifle, I recommend you use fire formed brass from the rifle you intend to  reload for and neck resize.

    Lastly, I would say don’t get too hung up on perfectly matching FGMM ammo.  Both Varget and IMR 4064 produce excellent accuracy and precision using FGMM bullets. I have found both of these powders can produce sub .5” five shot groups with Fed. FGGM 175 grains and Hornady 178 gr AMAX and Match bullets. Work up some loads using the info on the web,  but also keep in mind safe published working pressures at mins and max charges for the powder you use. Work safe and work up. Find out what your rifle likes. As good as FGMM shoots, (and it is great ammo),  I have found that you can improve upon its results. Good luck.

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