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  1. Thank you! It has been a blast getting this put together. We now live on our 42 acres. This is part of our barn renovation, and I have a rifle range out to 400 yards, and a 14 plate handgun course moving uphill at 10 to 25 yards. Still a lot of work to be done, but I am very thankful to be a steward of this place for the rest of my life🙂

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  2. That car is made in America in its entirety at the Montgomery AL facility, and surrounding suppliers. I bought the 2011 Sonata LTD right after they did the first major redesign. I am pleased to tell you that after 150,000 miles she is still going strong. Hope momma is happy and enjoys for many years to come. A lot of car and amenities for the price. Congratulations!

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  3. That fish should definitely weigh a couple more pounds with that head. Hopefully TN will get some more shad in Tellico, but in the meantime, enjoy the fishing, hungry fish typically equals more "catching" and less " fishing".


    I miss the smallmouth fishing in TN. Tim's Ford and Woods reservoir were my old stomping ground. Caught many 5lb+ smallies on those lakes.

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