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  1. Use the slot on the side of the cleaning kit tube. Put the slot over the lever and use as a handle. All the the slots and holes on the cleaning kit are there for a purpose to use with the tools and rod. Make sure the latch is flush, in the opening. There is a pressure plate on the gas tube that needs to compress (push towards reciever then push down).
  2. I have the Saiga 5.45 and my buddy has an AR 5.56. We are always doing comparisons with the two using different type of building material. Cinder blocks, steel, wood, stacked phone books, granite slabs. All were equally penetrated / distroyed from 50 yards. The best test was a 1/4" iron pipe 8" in diameter filled with dried mud. Both rounds penetrated 4" ithrough the iron and into the mud, very impressive. So, not much difference in the two as far as penetration capabilities. However, we have gone through over 6000 rounds and his AR has malfunctioned about a dozen times and my AK had 2. As
  3. I shoot the 5.45 and the shells go 20ft + every which way. I have a tarp down for catching shells and I can usually gadge the distance for all my other guns but not with the 5.45. I found deflectors and catchers online and it seems like they would get in the way. I would like to know if anyone have used these things and what their thoughts were. Or if anyone has a better idea.
  4. Dude! You completely ansewered my corrosion question. And, backed up the H2O process. This thread is now completed. Thanks!
  5. I use Tapco for my adjustable stock, pistol grip, and trigger. I have seen a combo pack with the stock and pistol grip at a recent gun show. UTG for the quad rail. All work great and looks bad ass. I do NOT recommend the Tapco mags for 5.45. Enjoy your new toy!
  6. I clean everything you clean with Hopps #9 and lube. I have not had any problems yet. I have gone through 5000+ rounds of corrosive surplus ammo (sardine can). I notice that if I don't clean it for a few days. I get this rust like residue on the piston and gas port. I was told that the residue might be from the red seal on the bullet case. I just scrub it with solvent and a wire brush and it comes right off. Just be carefull scrubing around the black areas because it will take the black off. Because my piston is all scuffed up, I don't really mind, It adds character. I started a thread on 5.
  7. I use hot or boiling water to flush out or neutralize the corrosive salts. I shoot a bit of CLP into the bolt afterward and let it drain, and run either some patches or bore snake with Hoppe's or Gunzilla down the barrel. I leave the gas system bone dry after washing out the gas tube and gas block with boiling water. (It evaporates completely by itself; just shake it out a bit). It is NOT necessary to get all the gunk out in order to prevent rust. You must clean the gas tube or it will rust. Boiling water is sufficient; it does not need to be spic and span. By the way, "neutralizing" t
  8. There is a red ring around the case neck. I'm just worried that it's rust. But rust couldn't form that fast.
  9. I use the 5.45 x 39 military surplus ammo (sardine can). I usually go through 500+ rounds per session. I notice that I get an orange/ rust color residue specs on the piston. What is that s**t? I clean my guns after each use, using Hopps 9 solvent and lube. I was recently told that Hopps is not effective on corrosive ammo. What's a good solvent to use to nutralize corrosive residue? Also, I heard that the gas tube dosen't need to be cleaned, that it burns off? I scrub the hell out of mine with a 12 ga bore brush and it takes a while to get all that gunk out. Is there a better technique?
  10. We'll be in Pike National forrest also, just north of you. If you want to meet in between we can probably work something out.
  11. I try to get out once a month, more if weather permits. I'll post when I go out next. Have fun in vegas.
  12. I prefer the surplus mags. I never had any problems with them. I pick them up at my local gun store when he gets them in. I pay $25 each. I'm not a big fan of the tapco mags because they just don't fit right. I think it's because they use a plastic catch tab instead of metal, and it seems it never catches right when you put the mag in. A guy from the gun show was trying to sell me russian surplus mags for $50 each. He said there was a shortage on surplus mags because they stopped importing them. I have yet to confirm that. Has anyone heard or know anything about that?
  13. Time to go BLASTIN! Me and a couple of buddies are going up next Saturday 1/21. Meeting place: 11:00am @ hwy 285 and Pine Junction (first stop light on 285). Meet in gas station/market parking lot NE of intersection. I'll be in a gray toyota tundra. I'll be there till 11:30, then we're out. Bring whatever you want to shoot, and to shoot at. Also trash bags Reply if you want to go so i know how many people to wait for. GO BRONCOS!
  14. Alright! Finally some action on this thread with Colorado folks. I was hoping there wasen't only 3 AK owners in town. I am always down for shootin s**t up. My buddy and I found a great place about 1 hour from denver. Shooting targets get boring after a while so we bring up a new thing to shoot everytime. Last thing I brought was my POS hot water heater that made a mess of by basement... It learned it's lesson. What a blast! It's a great place to go either for a quick after work stress relief, or i like to make a weekend out of it and bring the old lady and dog and camp near by. I have the
  15. I'm down with getting a local saiga posse together. Is anyone available tomorrow 11/12? I think the weather will be nice enough to go to the hills.
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