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  1. Lol, they're already in Peru,NY. Probably into Canada. Been a small population here for about 4 years. DEC is supposedly trying to keep it quiet so locals don't scatter them trying to hunt them (don't know if this happens or not). I don't think they migrated up this far and have heard rumors that some asshat let them go...
  2. I just got home from Burlington. The media is lopsided as usual. TONS and TONS of support for Trump. As I was walking up church street I asked every bum panhandling piece of hippie trash "bernie?" And when they smiled thinking they were gonna get a handout I would point and yell "bernie supporter, right there"
  3. I was there from 98 through 01 and it was OC. CC required a permit. Did it change in the last few? Florida hasn't had regular OC since the Civil War War of Secession.The only OC legal even in the timeline you say was still only permitted while hunting, fishing, camping, gun shows, or while shooting, and while going to and from such activities.lol! All I hung out with was Northport PD and a few Charlotte county deputies. Maybe they didn't care?
  4. I was there from 98 through 01 and it was OC. CC required a permit. Did it change in the last few?
  5. Great thread, all of it! These guys have alot of good stuff.
  6. If I put some up in my yard would that be considered "baiting"?
  7. "Threatening or appearing to threaten someone's life right now is." Like stabbing a police cruiser?
  8. Who knows what these officers were issued? Every department runs differently and issues equipment differently and these guys might not even have had tasers or bean bag rounds. In these situations you have to make a decision based on alot of factors very quickly. That suspect was energized and violent. Maybe they were forced with the decision to stop him in an open area like the street before he could reach the sidewalk and more businesses with people. I'm not saying that this officer is innocent. But I'm also not going to assume that he's guilty either. The only facts I have provide me with
  9. If he's continuing to move he's a threat. And judging by the bounce in his step and way he brandished the knife he was more than willing. Those officers have no way of knowing that he only has a knife. Just because he's not waving it around like the knife doesn't mean he doesn't have a gun in his pocket. "Do not move!" Means exactly that, do not move a finger.
  10. Humans can be trained many ways to stop another human but I don't believe you can truly predict how you're actually going to react when confronted with the real thing until it happens. Every situition is different and adrenaline can do incredible things to everyone involved. At the point that the suspect refused to drop the weapon and yield those officers had to take it as an act of aggression and were then tasked to stop him. I watched this on a phone and can't clearly see his hands on the video or hear what's being said. Did he overreact? I don't know without more details. I do know that he
  11. I don't have a big safe in my home. With my on-site shop all the tools to open any safe are readily available and being out in the boonies a capable individual could easily do what they want without being disturbed. I keep important stuff in a safe place that I'm not going to disclose. What I keep in my home is a bunch of hard gun cases that are locked and contain pressure treated lumber for weight. My thinking is that a burglar isn't going to waste time cutting the locks there but rather take the whole package to be opened at a safe location. Sure, I'd lose alot of valuables, but the importan
  12. I'm not trying to burn you. I read that he had punctured a cruiser tire and damaged a cruiser window. I'm assuming that even in Illinois this is a felony and all over the planet is dangerous, irrational behavior. In my opinion someone like this should be stopped at any cost to themselves and at no risk to the officers or public.
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