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  1. Didn't SF just win a bunch of Superbowls? Oh wait, that was 20+ years ago already. Screw it.
  2. Maybe scalphunting for Peter Guillam out of Brixton?
  3. Dad-gum! Where did you order up that from? Very nice!
  4. Only the Yugo mags lock the bolt open when empty. I wasn't really as into the bolt-hold open feature as I thought I'd be ....I actually wound up digging the hinged dust-cover better after I scored mine; totally the opposite of what I expected.
  5. Total bummer so far on this mod... I've only removed the bayonet from the rifle itself. After the market went nuts I decided not to do anything irreversible...the grenade spigot is an immovable object despite propane torches, vats of penetrating oil, bench vises, and pipe wrenches..... As far as installing the kit: I had to remove quite bit of material from the lower receiver piece behind the FCG to allow the "tang" (behind the trigger guard) to rest level. Before that, the first installation attempt resulted in the FCG being slanted enough that the trigger didn't function and the
  6. Excellent resource thread; Thanks!. Just ordered my Shernic kit yesterday after thinking to check back with them on production updates after about 18 months, LOL. Good on them! Will be using the same Yugo style SKS.... ....ordered the gun orignally as a "very good to whatever" CRC, but it came as the most beat-up thing I've ever seen.... functions flawlessly, but needs to be exorcized!!! Hope this Bullpup mod will do the trick.
  7. Do the MP92 pistols come with unfinished foregrips? Anybody know? 'Member when I couldn't 'member'memberin'? 'Member!?!??
  8. DropKick867

    How Many?

    The search function doesn't lend itself well to this, so I apologize in advance if someone else started an identical thread yesterday. Do you consider your Saiga 12 an "AK Variant"? When I'm counting my AK's, does the 12 go in there too? I would tend to say yes because the overall mechanism is so similar, even though I know a shotty isn't a rifle and the 12 has the puck in there. What do y'all think?
  9. 7.62 models back in stock @ J&G. Put in the order...gonna have to open an AK variant museum. And very much thanks for the solid info gaufridi!
  10. They's all gone now, lol. Last 4 went while I was fumbling around with the check-out procedure. Guess it just wasn't meant to be....
  11. $659, Wow! They're really proud of those things aren't they? Its a really cool gun, but at that price I think I might have to worship from afar...
  12. +1 on what mancat said. Google around for pics of RPK and they don't have the carry handle.... I was reading somewhere a while back (can't remember where or I'd link it) about how the carry handle on the AES-10b was maybe a Century Int'l improvisation.... ...if you really want the handle maybe try contacting CIA; they might have a box of them lying around somewhere.
  13. Its a top-loader with the tension release lever on the front....
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