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  1. CPanther95

    Build Idea Theft?!?

    I could never, in good conscious, make an exact copy of someone else's design. That's why even though I fell in love with the picture below, I'm only going to copy the bottom third of it.
  2. I want a kick stand/monopod to mount on there.... with a drink holder. Not a bad idea. A monopod would be perfect for those times when you want to flip it on its side and shoot it gangsta style.
  3. I thought about a tactical light, but it felt wrong to put a bright target right at the middle of my neck. Plus, with 22" barrel (and probably a flash hider down the road), I don't think this will be the gun I grab for CQB.
  4. Just curious if anyone has found an unconventional but practical use for the rail. I'm still figuring out the type of conversion I want to do, but after seeing some pictures of the more traditional AK look conversions with wood furniture, I'm leaning that way. That means nothing overtly ninja, but i'd like to see if anyone has found an interesting use for it that wouldn't take away from the traditional AK look. I also don't like buying a fully loaded car then finding one or two blanks covering unused switch holes.
  5. That rib sight was standard on my '99 S12. When I convert I'm going to be removing it also. Even for quick acquisition, I'd prefer a bolt on that gives a longer sight radius.
  6. CPanther95

    Porkypine, make it your way

    I like the 3 prong setup for large brats - 6 prong for standard ballpark franks.
  7. CPanther95

    Older Saiga 12 (with issues) worth converting?

    Something in my nature prevents me from getting rid of mags - even ones that don't work. They normally go in a drawer and keep all my obsolete/unwanted holsters from getting lonely.
  8. CPanther95

    CSS Bolt on sight set for the Saiga 12

    OK. I'll probably call you down the road for more details - just planning ahead right now because I'm starting my first conversion. Every time I think I know what conversion kit to tell my wife to order for Christmas, I see another photo or another comment that makes me change my mind. I'm suffering information overload since joining this site.
  9. CPanther95

    CSS Bolt on sight set for the Saiga 12

    I have a 1999 version with a rib sight. Is it more involved to replace?
  10. CPanther95

    Older Saiga 12 (with issues) worth converting?

    Any idea if that plastic portion would affect chambering or only getting the mag to lock in? Both of the bad mags lock in fine, they just don't chamber when the bolt is released.
  11. CPanther95

    Sons of Guns is back...

    This is one of the few reality shows that keeps my interest episode to episode. Hopefully they won't feel the need to keep advancing the firepower each season - just for the sake of "gotta be bigger than last season". I have no desire to see 2 aircraft carriers welded together in season 16. Most reality shows have to suffer through the same process. Producer comes up with a great topic for a show - then finds an interesting group of characters in that field and pitches a show to the network. Then they go in and have to follow the same basic template that the network expects from all its shows. Add to that the fact that the producer has a story to tell each episode that typically can't be told with the footage naturally shot. So they "sum up" all the key points made by one of the "cast" in the past couple days into a written 20 second soundbite Then have the guy read it - as many times as it takes to do it with out any of the natural "umms"s, etc. - and expect it to come off naturally. In some shows, that can neuter all the interesting personalities that made the show interesting in the first place. Or the subjects face criticism for being "fake" or "bad actors" - when they had absolutely no intention of having to "act" when signing on. You also have branding issues to contend with ("Hey Padma, can you say that again under the Kitchenaid logo?"), drama added ("can you get more angry about that" .... "how about a prank war", etc.), or creative liberties taken like showing a mirror image of a shot because it synchs better with the previous shot. None of that will change because the network has a winning formula that they want to follow regardless of the topic. But you can read between the lines when watching the show and filter all of that out. With this show, when you strip away all the BS, there is still a lot of interesting meat left to enjoy. With other shows, like Gold Rush Alaska, there's nothing left behind once you eliminate all the producer "inspired" storytelling. Looking forward to December 7th. (they should have let the guys do a custom job on location in Hawaii if they were going to premiere on the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor)
  12. CPanther95

    Older Saiga 12 (with issues) worth converting?

    After looking at the mags, the angle of the shells all appear identical. The one thing that is clearly different is the plastic that covers the bottom of the brass. There is a small plastic tab that was ground down. I seem to remember when I got them back from rework thinking that was the only thing modified because and the end result was inconsistent - like they just buzzed them with a grinder and sent them back. If you look at the photo below, the working mag (center) has a relatively consistent, smooth angle from the furthest point back to the point where the bolt contacts the brass. The other two are very rough/stepped. There is also about 0.010" more depth to the two non-working mags. I may try to hit these with a dremel and see if this is the reason for the issue.
  13. Importer: KALISHNIKOV-USA; Pt St. Lucie, FL Found the number - never noticed that before - it is a 99. Guess that solves that mystery. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for the paper, but doubt I have it. [EDIT] Photos added.
  14. CPanther95

    Older Saiga 12 (with issues) worth converting?

    Can't wait for June 2012. I'll convert it soon and when I'm ready for a SBS - send it to Tromix. >>> So the fact it is an older model doesn't pose any unique issues I should know about? >>> Is it worth getting the barrel cut down a few inches?
  15. CPanther95

    Older Saiga 12 (with issues) worth converting?

    I hadn't messed with the ports because the one thing is does very well on setting "1" is handle every ammo I fed it. From low brass birdshot to high brass slugs. If I'm using the 1 good mag, it operates great. > I'll check out that thread. > The scratch issue was just a cosmetic issue. When I got the gun, there wasn't an abundance of internet user photos. After seeing it here on so many guns, I now view it as something that "gives it character" Functionally it works fine - I just didn't like that it passed the "S" dimple - it seemed like a mistake.