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  1. Hello, I have a Posp 4x24 scope that has reticle drop for 100m, 200m, 300m, but it is calibrated for 7.62x39. Does anyone know how this translates to 7n6? I have looked around and not found anything, maybe I am typing the wrong words into google. I have looked online for 7n6 ballistic info and seem to keep coming up short. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, I finished my 5.45 conversion and I have a small issue, my front sight post moves front to back easily, it loses zero when fired.. Is there any trick to get this to stay still, or do I need to buy a new drum and post. (Also if I need a new drum will a ak 47 drum work the same for bulgy 74 FSB) So far I have tried locktight in the drum, but that has not worked, I think my issue is that I had to beat on my FSB and I really battered that drum, but I think I can fix it, just curious to see what tips you fellows have. Thanks in advance!!
  3. I have found in my research that militaries chose the smaller rounds simply because of recoil. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When you shoot a ak 47 at 150 yards, the recoil moves your sights off of your target. If you lesson the recoil you can get more rounds onto that target and finish the threat. Even if the 5.56 or the 5.45 round does not stop the threat it will at least slow them down and decrease their ability to accurately to return accurate fire. In Somalia yes there are reports that it took multiple hits to take targets down, but we killed far more of them then th
  4. Is there anyone selling these right now? I have heard rumors that US Palm may start making them. Does anyone know?
  5. Ya I didn't do any gas block or gas tube work. I just ordered a recoil spring from wolf, so we shall see what happens next. I have read a report that someone had a similar issue because their saiga gas block vent hole into barrel was too big. (Im guessing that is a rare problem) I can easily see the indentation from where the rear of the firing pin carrier has been striking the trunnion. So I know it is slapping the rear of the rifle, hopefully it is just a spring issue. I will report whenever I get it, it may take a while to get here, but I will report the results. Thanks again!
  6. The thing that has me confused is that before the conversion the recoil was very mild, now after I have finished the conversion the felt recoil is way more. I have a bulgy zig zag break on it so I would think that the recoil should be less. Could the brake cause more gas to flow to the rear of the gun? Also I have the short warsaw stock on it. That wouldn't make that big of a difference would it? I know one member here mentioned that could be the case. The rear of my bolt is missing the paint on it from recent firing, and I can see the rear of the trunnion is also dinged up a little. And
  7. Thanks guys, I will try out the tape thing soon. I may try to use my dremel and drill small holes in the gas block first, then I may try a new spring. I like the ideas so far, I don't want to remove the gas block, my FSB was a pain in the rear to get on and it is pinned and pretty much stuck. So I think I may just start with my dremel, I can always get a new gas tube if need be. Also one quick question can a ak 74 gas tube work in my siaga without changing out the gas block? Thanks for all the help so far!
  8. Hey guys, I think it is over gassed, and I completely forgot to mention that I did not do the gas block conversion nor did I convert the gas tube. I like the saiga style tapco furniture I currently have on it so I figured I didn't need it. Could that be my problem? Do I need to get a ak 74 gas tube and gas block, or would that not matter. Also thanks for all your input thus far, I may have to fire my rifle with the cover off to see if the rear is smashing against it. The rear of the piston did look a little scared for only 90 rounds through it from last time I looked. I may have to sharpi
  9. Huh, that is interesting, I goes it could be the short stock I have on it. I may test out the stock with the original and see if I can tell a difference. I have kind of a stupid question, how can I tell if it is over gassed. I honestly think my rifle has more recoil on it now that I have converted it, then it did when I first fired it. (Even though I have a break on it)
  10. Hi guys, first off I would like to thank you guys for all your help with my conversion. Now I am finished and have yet another question. I took my rifle out yesterday and shot it for the first time fully converted and I noticed that the recoil was pretty substantial. It functioned flawlessly, but today my shoulder is actually red! I have read and seen videos where there is virtually no recoil to the weapon and I am curious if there are any ways to reduce it. I have a bulgarian zig zag muzzle break on it that is threaded for 24mm. Even my mini 14 with no muzzle device kicked at least
  11. Get em while you can, the UN gun ban will affect bulgaria thus preventing them from shipping us ak 74 parts, ammo, mags, ect. I hope this thing falls apart, but it will prevent euro nations from shipping us our beloved toys. Even if it dosnt become law for us, it will for them. I hope 7N6 dosnt dry up too soon....
  12. The problem with this treaty is that other countries will go for the ban. If USA says no, then who is to say that the other nations that export 5.45 ammo will continue to do so? Their countries may get tied up in all this. This isn't just about the USA. If Bulgaria and the Ukraine sign into this then they are no longer shipping us their products that we all so very much love! Im not concerned about losing my gun, I don't want to have less Bulgarian circle 10 mags then there are now, nor do I want the surplus ammo to dry up. This could very well happen, regardless what the US says.
  13. Im not so much concerned about Russia as I am Bulgaria. That is where I get a lot of parts, and I believe it is them who sells us our surplus ammo. I could be wrong, but I was under that impression. Also if the US does sign it will restrict weapons and ammo from coming into the country, regardless if Russia wants to sell us their fun toys. That is the problem, we will still be able to buy american made guns, but no more foreign guns, which siagas and most AKs happen to be.
  14. I thought this would be a good thread because this would be affecting us if other nations decided to stop shipping out guns, ammo, and mags. Does anyone know how badly this will affect us if this goes through. I know they will not be able to ban guns here in America, they would need 2/3 majority in the Senate to get it done, and they don't have that now, but how will it affect other nations shipping in guns, ammo and parts for our beloved Ak 74s? Im concerned that ammo in 5.45 may stop coming in bulk if this is passed, or that we will no longer be able to get our hands on foreign mags
  15. In the army they taught that the shot should surprise you, so be relaxed, slowly pull the trigger so the shot happens when you are not prepared for it. It is hard to quell the natural instant to tense up and jerk the gun in anticipation for the shot. It happens, I am terrible at it with my 1911, rifles I have it down pretty good. The Army taught me well.
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