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  1. I know alot of people will think Im crazy but I dont mind MRE's. I also like the Mountain House. Dont forget you can make buckets up of your own food too.
  2. Always wanted an AK but never got around to getting one. Im not going to pay what they want right now either.
  3. If we want to keep our Second Amendment rights our voices need heard. For the Terre Haute, Evansville, and Vincennes area our Congressman is Larry Bucshon. Here is his contact info. Washington, DC 1005 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-4636 Evansville 101 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Room 124 Evansville, IN 47708 Phone: (812) 465-6484, Toll Free: 855-519-1629 Fax: (812) 422-4761 Terre Haute 901 Wabash Ave., Suite 140 Terre Haute, IN 47807 Phone: (812) 232-0523 Fax: (812) 232-0526 Vincennes 1500 N. Chestnut Street Vincennes, IN 47591 Phone: 855-519-1629 Fax: (202) 225-32
  4. I really wouldnt put it past the current Admin to have found unstable guys(multiple people to make sure atleast one goes over the edge) and try to push them over the edge just to try to get our guns.
  5. What sickens me is Big ear Barry jumped on this tragedy to advance his agenda. What he should have done was speak of his sorrow for the families only. If he really cared he would have waited to speak HIS mind. The NRA waited and let the families mourn.
  6. Checking back in on this thread. Good to see it get picked up again. Still trying to get ready here. Now more then ever I feel the urgency to protect my family.
  7. I love spam. When I was a kid we had spam alot (looking back that was probably all Mom and Dad could afford at the time). So I hated spam. As an adult I tried it again and I found that I love it. My kids love it also. We have a few cases stored in the pantry.
  8. I will have to look in my set but I dont think I have anything like that.
  9. I dont understand why someone would want to film a officer that was doing nothing wrong. If it is to catch an officer in the act of a crime I agree whole heartedly but people that just shove cameras in their faces to be dicks I dont get that.
  10. Dont see how you can tell she learned it from him. Looked like to me a guy that had tried already adn used this as a last dramatic resort. I would have shot it with the Saiga also. By the way nobody(other then maybe a internet bullie that I will never meet) will talk ill about my wife (or my Mom) not even my beautifull daughter who I love more then life itself.
  11. I think there are alot of good channels on Youtube. You cant say they are all asshats but a few. Also FPSRussia rents his guns. Who knows what is actually his. Class 3 weapons arent hard to come by as long as you have the $$$$$$
  12. I cxant stand the guy. He calls himself a local hero. For what, having a youtube channel. Hell I must be a local hero to. OOOO wait I didnt shoot myself and act like a D bag.
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