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  1. With my GSG9 V2 boot lol. I smacked the tapco stock off after unscrewing everything.
  2. . Question.. Is the bonesteel folder supposed to have a diagnol cut on the base? It looks like this is meant to go on a receiver that has an angled cut. My Vepr 12 doesn't have that and it won't go in past the slant on the folder.. Edit: Yea I'm pretty sure this is what happened.. I'm kind of pissed off. I ordered this: http://bonesteelarms...be-vprfs-tb.htm And the description says "Fits all vepr rifles." Now I'm without a stock. I got the tapco one off with my boot but the shitty thing wasn't what I'd call sturdy (and\or it was in there so tight) that the prongs on the conn
  3. Damn tapco stock still won't budge after removing two screws. I'm starting to mar it up by trying to push it out with a screw driver + hammer.
  4. So is there a proper instruction set or manual anywhere for how this process is to be done? Out of the box the folder from Bonesteel is covered in grease\cosmoline and I cannot get it to fold. There are two screws, one of which I know goes into the rear of the Vepr 12 receiver to hold it in. The other I have no idea what it does. At first I thought maybe it locked the folder into place when shipping- but even after removing it I cannot get the thing to budge by pressing on the actuation button. I've removed the screw from the tapco stock my Vepr came with- but the thing is stuck. I'm not
  5. Ordered mine probably close to a month ago. No word yet, but I'm very excited.
  6. Is it just the plastic parts that require filing? Or the metal?
  7. Aeromat, how did you install that Hogue AK handguard on the Vepr? I thought that stuff was incompatible with the RPK style Vepr's?
  8. So what's the deal here about the rear trunion? Cycling buck shot or slugs is risky or abusive to the system? And a rubber recoil insert isn't a good idea at all? Seems like a cheap way to prevent any kind of damage imo, just in case.
  9. Why put chokes on it anyway? From what I've read (and seen) chokes don't make almost any difference for shotguns with a barrel this short (18-19inches).
  10. Novice question, but the mags will be shipped separately to your home address yea? As opposed to the FFL? Stupid question, I know.
  11. How long are the barrels of the US imported Veprs? I've heard inconsistent figures about this. Ranging from 18, to 19 to 20.25inches. Anybody know for certain?
  12. Would there be any reason for them not to ship more? I mean after all, all 1000 sold out fairly quickly. To me, this is indicative of a 'successful' venture. Molot would do well to keep pumping them into the US market and offer spare parts. And the US would do equally well to keep buying them lol. I think another side effect of this might be, (other factors not withstanding given I don't know them all) a general decrease in S12 prices given the sheer bang for your buck the Vepr 12's represent by comparison. All in all, everybody wins here.
  13. Vulgotha

    thumb safety?

    That's the left side of the firearm. The Vepr 12's should have an ambi safety selector if I remember right, and should be imported with it to the US. The right side of the Vepr has a traditional AK safety with a thumb safety integrated into it. As shown here:
  14. People who pre order are guaranteed a Vepr 12 right? No over-selling going on at Atlantic?
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