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  1. Thanks, I'll try that and also try to get a hold of the Teflon guide-rod.
  2. When the bolt-carrier is about 10cm from the rearmost position there is a lot of resistance with a very gritty feel from the recoil-spring. You can also hear it being far from smooth. It's the same thing with heavy and light springs. Anyone got any tips of how to make that part of the cycle more smooth? Like some other people I'm having issues with light loads (even after polishing up the bold and making sure the ports are not covered by the gas-block and using lighter springs) so I'm trying to get the action as smooth as possible and right now this is the worst bit. The bolt-carrier does
  3. Hi all! Been around a while but this will be my first post Bought a Vepr-12 a few months ago and couldn't get a hold of a AR-15 grip adapter for it in Europe. The Saiga-12 grip adapters, like the R&R one, probably won't fit since the frames are a bit different (I could be wrong here). I decided to design my own and the second prototype turned our pretty good.The material is 6082-T6 for those interested in stuff like that. I first tried a version where I would reuse the two front holes left from the original trigger-guard rivets but there just weren't enough space insi
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