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    Suddenly Having Problems With Firing My 308?

    Are the primers of the rounds that don't fire getting hit at all? When the rifle does not fire is the bolt all the way forward? Is this happening with just one batch of ammo? Remove the dust cover and the bolt carrier group and look down at the hammer. Is it sitting straight and is the hammer pin all the way into the receiver? Are both ends of the hammer spring sitting pretty on the hammer? Remove the bolt and push on the back of the firing pin. Does it move smooth without hanging up?
  2. Try cycling the bolt carrier/bolt with the gas tube removed.
  3. 5thShock

    Unable to adjust sight!

    Same same as Rokkyt. Check this before you attack the sight.
  4. I thought I knew where that stuff was, know I got it...somewhere. I do know that with some old IMI ball the rifle grouped better than "official" (iron sights). I think the slushing is a preservative oil to prevent corrosion in storage and shipping.
  5. 5thShock

    How do you aim your rifle?

    Unconverted long barrel. Tried a PSO 1 and it shot well but I didn't care for the weight and balance. The factory irons are lined up when I snap the rifle up.
  6. 5thShock

    Gas piston peened, now tight! Problem?

    Remove the dust cover and cycle the action by hand and see how the piston enters the rear sight block. Does it go in straight without scraping? Our Romanian rifles from Century have welded and rigid pistons and they work fine.
  7. 5thShock

    G2 trigger problem

    Yes it is for an AK, not a Saiga. Your drawings are good enough and clear. Please let us know how this works out.
  8. 5thShock

    G2 trigger problem

  9. 5thShock

    My S-308 is done!....

    "(I used an AMD-65 guide rod without the step on the "button".)" My understanding is that the Saiga 308 recoil spring assembly includes a mechanical buffer at the rear, the pinned and pivoting part. If this is true you may want to modify the cover to fit it. Good looking rifle, the longer sight radius must be nice.
  10. 5thShock

    Best aftermarket rear sight for the Saiga 308

    http://www.krebscustom.com/CustomParts.html Scroll down to: KREBS CUSTOM AR-15 STYLE PEEP SIGHT This one will be pricier than the Mojo. The factory irons can get you into a pie plate at two hundred yards, a torso at three hundred.
  11. 5thShock

    1st shot POI different than rest

    There is a video on the net that shows an AK firing, slow motion with the dust cover off. I remember thinking when I saw it that it looked as though the bolt carrier was not quite hitting the rear trunnion. Could it be that manual cycling by pulling the bolt carrier ALL the way back is actually chambering the round with a bit MORE force than subsequent rounds?
  12. 5thShock

    What's the deal with the spacer on the buffer spring?

    The metal thingamajig IS a buffer. A mechanical one, inspired, I have read, by the one Ruger devised for the Ranch Rifle. Should be all you need, let the spring work for its full travel.
  13. 5thShock

    Scope mounts and cleaning

    I usually field strip and clean with the scope still on. A PSO 1 4x though, plenty of clearance. Lovely photos, you captured the depth and distance, seems like I could walk right into your place.
  14. 5thShock

    My 3rd Outing w/.223

    Not unusual for mounts, rings and rail clamps to get loose during the first shots after installation. Gets me everytime.
  15. 5thShock

    Lets see you S-308

    Ah, nothing like photos of weapons with the personal touch. Mine's staying stock but I like to look. TonyRumore: there are people that can help you.