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  1. Ok, took some pictures to see what I am working with. Again any "constructive" advice is welcome. Thanks Best I can see there are three (3) gas ports.
  2. So where do I take/send this to have it looked at and to ensure that it is working efficiently or needs work?
  3. I've known this dealer for years and I've bought many weapons from him but I've never had a problem with any gun I've bought from him. This is however the first gun that wasn't right out of the box. He bought the saiga NIB and did the conversion, not tuned, just converted. Nothing looks like it has been polished, filed, cleaned up. Thank you. I found some threads with that. Before I go and buy anything I'll try a couple hundred rounds of high brass and see how it runs then.
  4. Can someone give me some direction? Bought a new converted Saiga 12 from my dealer. I trust him and I trust that he did a good conversion but I wouldn't know if something was wrong as this is my first Saiga. I took it out back and loaded up some Remington Express Magnum 00 and it fired flawlessly. Took it to work and loaded up some Federal Vitalshok and FTE every round. I tried changing the gas setting to two but still the same problem. I've tried searching and reading forums and online posts but I can't seem to figure out what is wrong here. Am I going to have to fire Magnum rounds eve
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