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  1. I'm looking for SKS stripper clips. Anyone have spares they are wanting to get rid of?
  2. Might as well make some VEPR .308 mags while you are at it! Please keep us updated
  3. I finally got to shoot the new vepr today. Surprising little recoil, although I do shoot mosin nagants more often so maybe my shoulder is used to abuse or the muzzle brake/flash hider is effective. I find I like the thumbhole stock just as much as the pistol grip that I have on my saiga. LOVE the new vepr, now I just need a scope... Here are pics of the vepr and her sister, saiga .223 for reference.
  4. You are correct, it was difficult to push for some reason and I was scared to push too hard. I tend to make these things more difficult than they should be. Thanks again
  5. Guess I didn't plan this one out very well. Midwest industries was the only one that responded to my email regarding safe use of their 14x1 muzzle brake on my vepr .308 and I had read positive reviews.. The front sight block pin is catching on the brake and keeping it from screwing all the way on. Any suggestions? Thanks ya'll
  6. Thanks i was actually wondering which ones would work
  7. Thanks for everyone for their help. I REALLY appreciate it, Never took on this task before. Problem resolved.Thanks for the link tnmarktx. Hero walked me through it, All good to go now, just need to find the right brake.
  8. Its a beautiful thing, thanks to my brother hero for the help, just had to put some torque on that nut lol.
  9. Thanks. Seemed like a MUCH better idea, but now I'm stuck on that too lol. Me and this muzzle nut are not friends
  10. Not trying to hijack your post here, but I attempted your filing idea, this is where I am at I appear to be stuck here and my pin seems like it is one with the muzzle nut lol. Any ideas?
  11. This is where I'm at in the process, I though this was going to be easy. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cant get this freakin pin out. Right about the flash line on the second pic is where the pin is.
  12. Correct. It does not go all the way through
  13. Yes. Having issues getting the pin out though. I don't think my drill bit was strong enough
  14. I bought this rifle from classicfirearms, WPA said they believed this new batch from classic arms has the threaded barrels. They installed a G2 trigger group, but it appears that the bolt carrier is catching a little on the top of the hammer. I have read that this will eventually wear in from friction as "polish" itself, but is there any worry that this could cause any other damage other than cosmetic?
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