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  1. sorry i didnt think you could go any shorter with the gas tub
  2. with it being a FSBGB combo on these I dont think you will have to relocate that stuff
  3. the gas block should be good on this model?
  4. lol ok I wanted to go a shotgun shell off the sight block
  5. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct1157.aspx how short can we go without getinf ftf or fte?
  6. Let me know if you change your mind about shipping and can do parts Kits to MD. I collect mags so anything intresting would be cool 2
  7. I was looking for bakelites and found a member here that was selling them for a good price but IDK if the add is still active. I am looking for 2 or 3 tula orange bake's not the redish ones to complete the look I want for my krink when It gets done
  8. tantal dosnt have a chrome-lined bore most of the time man this dose and will last a lot longer with the cheap corossive ammo
  9. can anyone take one apart and show me how it looks without the stock? I am looking for a galil 308 clone gun
  10. not brand new the new ones dont have the chese gradder on them
  11. got some bakelites coming from the North canada is good for something lol
  12. the surplus has just dired up for now there will be plenty more coming in time
  13. they are so expensive I am hoping my friend in canada can hook me up again
  14. I wish I had more money for bake's they are my favorate lol
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