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  1. Finally got around and took a couple photos last night of my Vepr 12 that I received several weeks ago from Atlantic.
  2. I used Simple Green to clean all the factory oils off of my gun. Worked like a charm, inexpensive, and safe to handle.
  3. Everything on mine is straight, true, and solid. I haven't put a lot of rounds through it but so far it has eaten everything. I'm extremely happy with my Vepr 12 so far. Mine came from Atlantic.
  4. dec

    Vepr-12 T-Shirt

    I'm up for a shirt, pending seeing the final design. Good idea.
  5. Got it. There were multiple posts going on. I found what I was looking for. Googled "Saiga 12 barrel shroud" and found quite the selection. Something different in terms of looks.
  6. No, I meant the muzzle device on the last photo of the OP post. Some sort of barrel shroud with silver golf ball dimples on it. Just curious what that is, purpose, who makes it, etc. Just an interesting look. I like the wood project though.
  7. Wood looks nice. Question ... what is the muzzle device that you added that runs clear back to the sight block?
  8. I'm all in on that mod. I have a mill and I could care less about LRBHO, especially for a cheap source for mags.
  9. I'll take the Poly stock and be happy with it.
  10. Any decent US source for these Saiga 12 mag well style magazines? I honestly could care less about LRBHO.
  11. Just ordered one through Atlantic this morning. Can't wait!
  12. I installed the JTE Performance Spring in my Saiga conversion. Worth the $10 IMO. Smoooooooth as butter.
  13. The front end conversion is a major pain if you do not have the right tools and some basic know how to do the work. I converted the front end on my gun all myself and I have a fabrication shop with everything at my disposal and it still was touch and go at points. Turned out awesome, but it wasn't that easy really. I did it more for self satisfaction than anything. The extra money for the 340 is very much worth it if you want the traditional 74 front end look, without all the hassle. The only thing that you are missing is the accessory lug on the gas block, if that even matters to you.
  14. In order of your post ... 1) You don't have the gun yet, you won't know if you will need flat or round till you get the gun. 2) You will need 10 of those drill bits if you try to drill out the trigger guard spot weld. 3) If it floats your boat ... go for it. 4) Nothing wrong with this, but you can reuse the existing trigger guard and have zero invested. 5) Hole plugs ... they work fine. 6) Good money spent. Things you are missing ... Trigger group! You will need a Tapco G2 trigger group (modified if you want the bolt hold open to remain or non-modified if you
  15. universal_exports ... it all depends on what you want out of a gun and what final configuration that you want it to be in as to which gun is the best way for you to go. You have to break the gun down into three categories. 1) Rear end only conversion. 2) Rear end conversion with front grip conversion. 3) Full rear end and front end conversion. If you want a relatively true AK-74 look then that Waffen Works gun that you linked too is a great gun for the price. Bulgy gun with correct parts for under $650. Waffen Works is known for good builds and good customer service. The gun has no
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