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  1. Cutting the magwell will give you some good practice at cutting some deep pockets.
  2. The Grudge

    Hand guard suggestions?

    I can vouch for the MWI extended hard guard. It fits pretty damn nice and is solid. It isn't made for the Saiga so there is a tad bit of gap between the receiver and the guard, but isn't noticeable to my eyes. My only complaint (sorta) is that the OD green doesn't match in color to my Houge grip and Magpul CTR stalk. That's minor details in the grand scheme, but it could be improved upon if you're going for a color.
  3. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    It's the Magpul CTR stock mounted on the CAA aluminum buffer tube. BChance...I got my die in last week and hopefully tomorrow I can make my TAT after work so I can get the barrel threaded. If I can get it on I will sight it in this weekend let you know how the TWS holds zero.
  4. The Grudge

    Dimpled receiver?

    The other day there was one at a place here in Idaho Falls call The Gun Shop. Might give them a call.
  5. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    I will let you know as soon as I can sight it in. I don't want to spend much time on it until I get the FSC47 installed. I'm still waiting on my die from Dinzag. I emailed them today to find out the status and haven't heard back yet. It's been just over two weeks now and it hasn't shipped as far as I know.
  6. The Grudge

    922R remarks by by dealer/importer

    Damn I am glad I live in Idaho...we don't have to deal with this crap hardly at all.
  7. The Grudge

    Trigger guards must be made of diamonds

    I didn't know these things were so hard to drill. I'm going to have to give mine a shot even though I bought a replacement trigger guard. There is one saying that goes when it comes to drilling steel. "Lots of ass and a little gas." Your worst enemy when drilling steel is to get too much heat into the material. When that happens it called work hardening. If you get to that point it's near impossible to drill a hole through you material with a hand drill unless you anneal the material.
  8. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    I took no offense what so ever so you have no worries. I bought everything based on what I saw here and combined the pieces into my liking. The beauty of forums is that you can find a plethora of ideas from other people. Finding out what works and doesn't work on someone else's dime sure is nice. The only part I didn't see any pictures of was the Midwest Industries extended forearm. The guy that owns the gun shop I bought my suppressor from said the tax stamp to own one is now taking about six months for the BATF to process.
  9. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    The word tacticool actually kinda bugs me. The only thing that doesn't serve an actual purpose is the color I picked for the stock and forearm. I wanted a collapsible stock for storage and so my wife could shoot it from time to time and the extended forearm is great because I'm 6'3" with gorilla length arms so being able to move my grip forward does a lot for comfort. Besides, I don't see it as being any different than putting new wheels on a car or truck. They both serve their purpose, just one looks better than the other. I just got married back in August and before I did I told my wife that the reason I drive my 01 Silverado that is paid off is because I'd rather spend my money on toys than making vehicle payments. I think I get far more enjoyment out of my money this way. I just bought a Ruger 22/45 MKIII and a suppressor for it. That in my book is WAY more fun than a new rig. Now I just have to wait the six months or so for my paperwork to come back.
  10. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    Sgt. I'm definitely not an AK purist, and I love ARs so this build was right to my liking. I'm not sure if I will be selling my die and TATs or not yet. I have a couple buddies that really seem to like my rifle so I kinda expect at least one of them to buy one and start their own build. I will keep you posted though if I do decide to sell.
  11. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    I like it a lot so far. It fits well and looks great. I haven't sighted in the rifle yet, because I'm still waiting for my die to show up from Dinzag. Once I get my muzzle brake put on I will get it sighted in and let you know how well it holds a zero. I'm confident it will work great since it fits so well.
  12. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    Ok, I had to post a couple pictures of the build even though I'm not fully finished.
  13. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    I emailed PWS the other day asking about the FSC47 brake and how it will work on this rifle with the smaller caliber and they said it wouldn't have any noticeable difference so I ordered one today. Hopefully Dinzag gets my die shipped out soon so I can thread the barrel and complete by build. I want to post some pictures!
  14. The Grudge

    New to Saiga...Just as new to the AK platform...

    Will a brake made for the .308 caliber work on a .223 rifle? Would installing one with the larger ID for the .308 on my rifle degrade it's performance? I'm working on getting some pictures up, but I kinda wanted to have it finished before I did. I'm just waiting on my die to come in from Dinzag and it will be all finished.
  15. The Grudge

    threading a .591" barrel

    Yikes! I hate using core drills on a mill. I can't imagine using one in a hand drill.