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  1. I believe the .45GAP was just to allow them to use .45 in a standard size glock, with a lower capacity than the G21. My G40 does fine with the slightly longer 10mm, it uses the same frame size as the G21.
  2. I'd go 124 or 147gr. HST over hydrashok, though you may want to check some ballistic tests to make sure it still has reliable expansion out of a shorter barrel.
  3. I've got an MP600 that I've used every day for the last few years, and before that I used an MP400, both still doing great. Gerber is definitely my favorite for multi-tools.
  4. Here's a link straight to the vid above. https://twitter.com/Aquila7/status/907010037238976512 ETA: patriot beat me to it
  5. I know the feeling, this is one of the things my dad left me. He said when he went to the concert (Pink Floyd: The Wall) in Berlin they'd rent you a hammer to get your own chunk of the wall. Neat little thing, worthless and priceless at the same time, it's just a piece of concrete but yet it played a big role in recent history.
  6. My personal favorite answer to this type of question, "if you know how many you have, you don't have enough".
  7. Didn't do anything notable saturday, but on sunday I returned some lead to the earth via USPSA match.
  8. What he said. You'll pretty much be stuck doing a bunch of plunge cuts. Drill chucks aren't made for side-loads.
  9. I'd add one of those surplus folding shovels to your kit too, I had to use mine to dig out of the snow several times last year. Could've used it to clear a spot for your jack and your knees.
  10. The Vector is actually just a straight blow-back too. Seems like most PCCs are.
  11. If you're talking about the shape and styling, it has to be that way to fit it's unique action. When the bolt goes back, it pushes the slider down. This is why Vectors have so little vertical muzzle climb. This video shows it pretty well. https://youtu.be/XT3526Fpr3Y?t=1m10s
  12. Here's my Kriss Vector. Plus a little video: Currently it just has a cheap Leapers red dot, the Magpul MBUS that came with it, and a Magpul RVG. Eventually I'll upgrade to a better red dot, or maybe 1x scope (because red dots appear as a starburst for me) and get it SBR'd.
  13. Well, looks like we got the House, Senate, President and therefore, soon to be the Supreme Court. Fuckin' A!
  14. Thanks for the inspiration, I had been wondering how much they could be limited, since that post I did some work and got my tapco to around .082". I can now waste enjoy my money and ammo much faster now, I managed about 430 RPM on a mag dump, my previous best was about 350. Really wish I had the camera rolling on that one.
  15. My 2011 S-12 is .885" just in front of the factory handguard, and .884" right behind the muzzle nut.
  16. Longbranch No. 1 Mk. 4. Shortened...alot, with an up-scaled AMD-65 style brake on it. Someone else sporterized it before I did my work, part of me wishes they hadn't, the other part is glad they did, very fun little gun.
  17. I have to say the recent but incredibly far reaching fad of every one using "7.62" as a complete caliber description in conversation should be on this list somewhere. As near as I can tell, the video gamers who bought into firearms at the last major scare started talking like that so that they would sound like old hands with guns. I get that from a few friends of that description. I keep telling them that it makes them sound more ignorant, rather than familiar, but they continue. I think this will stick. As much as I think the pedantry about clip/magazine is pointless, this one bugs me a lot.
  18. Not sure how much of that is sarcasm, but, yeah, pretty much. Go to a range (known for being loud) with no hearing protection, then turn it down when offered, have fun being deaf.
  19. I was thinking the same thing, modify the prints on the .308 loudener to have the HK thread pattern instead. (15x1mm if I remember right). Eventually I'd like to make a single shot, contender style pistol in 7.62x39 with 6" barrel and a loudener. I shoot at public range where there are quite a few people that think they don't need hearing protection, I'd like to show them otherwise.
  20. I made one for my 7.62 (since SHM was kind enough to use real blueprints as advertisements), it works quite well, I imagine the shorter the barrel the better.
  21. I've got a little tip for that. I use a 1/4" steel rod with a .25ACP casing stuck over the end, you get a nice solid rod, plus a little bit of brass protection. I've done this with a few glocks so far.
  22. A Venezuelan PK-A for my 7.62. I can't get a great picture of it, but it does sit low enough to get a little co-witness.
  23. I'll be waiting for a much closer clone of the Saiga-9/ Vityaz.
  24. You can get an airsoft version, full metal, and wood stock for $170ish, one of several reasons I like airsoft, it lets you get guns that are either impossible or very expensive to get otherwise.
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