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  1. This is a smart man. I've seen it first hand.
  2. Since your dropping so much cash, and probably sbr'ing the gun, can it be threaded to work after cutting it down? I've never had a barrel cut down.
  3. I caught some of the last centerfire systems tack welded side folder vepr 12's. It was mostly an impulse purchase but I have always wanted one so I'll definitely keep one. I don't really need two. But at the time I was thinking long term investment. The way russian companies work though, they will probably "sell" the company and have them imported again. I could use the money or put it towards another gun I like. I've never seen a gun ban like this one, so I don't know if I'll ever be able to own another one. I'd be kicking myself if in a few years they go for 2k or more.
  4. Notice how his thumb is getting torn up on the locking knob I guess I'm just weird, but that blue cut screen they show every ten seconds when they cut scenes is really annoying me.
  5. I'm interested in one, I sent you an email.
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