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  1. Living in New York state for some time (Syracuse and Watertown area) this was the first post I came across that I agree with 100%. After leaving NY I was asked some time later to relocate to Albany. I told them no way. They asked me why. I told them "dumb gun laws and I can't even live within city limits due to some of the firearms I own". You're lucky you got off, period. Not the brightest move on your end to bumpfire the Saiga while hunting, and I'm putting that as nice as I can say it. Count your blessings, graduate, and then MOVE OUT.
  2. I don't know what I'm taking about, but I'm guessing without knowing exactly what kind of gun you have and what modifications have already been done to it, your question could be hard to answer. The easy answer would be "no" however assuming it was purchased through a FFL and the FFL wanted to keep his license.
  3. Shoot what you want to shoot and have fun doing it. There are guys who can hit better with their AK's than guys with their AR's, and vise versa. All calibers have their gives and takes per their rifle platform, and the two guns you asked about are no different. In the same hands, a crappy AK will shoot just as bad or good as a crappy AR.
  4. Did the same thing with my Saiga when I picked it up. Let's face it, even if you don't know what you're doing, it's not like an AK takes forever to do a basic strip and go over it. Less than a minute of prevention can save a world of cure.
  5. Personally, IMO it's always a good idea to READ the instructions first, understand the instructions, field strip the weapon as far down as you feel comfortable, inspect and clean the parts (if needed), put the weapon back together and then go shoot it. People work in manufacturing facilities and sometimes people do make mistakes. When it comes to firearms, it never hurts to give the weapon a good inspection BEFORE you fire it.
  6. I understand that "overall" off the line, odds are the Arsenal is going to be a better gun that the "run of the mill" AK, but if you're going to spend pushing a grand on an AK, why not spend a little more and get a Krebs "custom"? Or is the Krebs overrated? Keep in mind, I'm no expert on the cost/parts used in building these "Americanized" AK's. I'm very pleased with my run of the mill Saiga and just wondering if it's worth the extra bucks if I get another hankering for perhaps something "better". Heck, it could be argued that you can only shoot one gun at a time anyways and you o
  7. General comment, but as far as a rifle shooting shooting 1 rd per second shooting mil surplus ammo, the Saiga has shown me it's a pretty darn little accurate rifle. If I'm looking for superb groups (everything in one big hole), I'll reload, use a bolt rifle w/scope and don't overheat the barrel. You want to throw a thousand rounds at a man size target out a distance, if you do your part, at least the Saiga I recently bought will do it's part. For the money, hard to beat IMO.
  8. Why such the price fluctuation on models per Arsenal's lineup? Am I wrong in thinking that if you know your shit you could probably put one "almost" as good as an Arsenal? I just see some basic models going for the mid 700's and then all the way up past a grand easy. Most of them are built on Saiga's to being with aren't they? I guess my line of thinking is that as far as "mass produced revamped" AK's they are of decent quality, but is there really that much price difference in the parts that are used putting them together? Keep in mind, I'm old enough where $350 use to be way
  9. As I've said, old habits are hard to break. If a gun sits in my safe that hasn't been cleaned after shooting it, I start to hear it moaning that it needs to be cleaned and If I don't clean it, I'll slowly drive myself insane. Other than that, I'm pretty laid back LOL
  10. I agree with you. Your line of thinking is exactly like mine, thus the reason for one of my fist post on this forum not knowing the rifle in general, even though per a visual inspection nothing seems wrong. However I do like the gun and am getting use to it, particularly having to use the "left corner edge" of the front sight post. I KNOW that sounds dumb, but with my older eyes, I'm finding it easier to acquire and see the target (as I've said, I'm pushing a half century in age and I know I need glasses). Just out on Friday with a couple of friends (both who have much younger eyes)
  11. Old habits are hard to break. I also eat, crap and shower faster than most men LMFAO Only bad side effect is I can't stand to wait in lines now.
  12. Pushing about 700 rounds through the gun so far, usually about 200 rounds a session. After each session, clean barrel, gas tube, piston, bolt assembly, bolt and lower. Haven't done a detail strip for cleaning, not sure if it's needed. General oil in all areas and wiped down. Just curious how many times people clean their rifles and of any tips anyone has? Do people actually just throw all the parts in hot soapy water and then clean? Heard some people talk about Windex, what's up with that? First AK platform rifle but generally speaking keep all my guns clean after shoot
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I'm pretty much set in the fact that I'll leave the hand guards as is.
  14. Might come into a buddies stock VEPR 2 rifle. Has the stock furniture. What would one look to do to put a collapsible stock on? Cut the tang and put on an ACE adaptor? Any other options? Thanks
  15. I guess what I still can't figure out is the one guy with the park service who is using this incident as an example of why it's bad to let people in national parks with firearms? I mean, if it was illegal to carry in the park, how does this guy think the situation would of been any different? If anything, if I'm at a national park and some nut job with guns goes postal, I'd want my sidearm.
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