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  1. For a "cheap" gun the Savage is hard to beat, although my dad has a Ruger American that shoots very well for a budget gun.
  2. When the bolt hits the follower it's a noticeable downward push but it works fine. I've trimmed the front edge of the Pmags a little and they work better. Maybe it's a combination of the two. Mine seemed to drop when the lug slams shut on the polymer, on the aluminum it just cleared itself.
  3. The first pics you have of the mag looks like your locking lugs hits the corner of the mag like mine does, I guess the Renegade Buck catch isn't strong enough to hold the pmags in when the lugs slams shut on the polymer, instead it just shakes it loose after a few rounds. I'll have to look at my GI mags to see if they have marks like that. Let us know how the bullet guide works because I'd really like to get this thing as reliable as possible in case I even need it.
  4. Yes, the front right corner of the mag. when the lugs lock it hits the front corner of the mag and tries to push it out. It will usually do it after a few rounds. The mag doesn't usually fall all the way out but it won't chamber a round.
  5. I have a renegade buck AR mag adapter on my 223. It works well except for the occasional feed issue. It seems to always be from the right side of the mag and the tip ends up below the chamber. I was wondering if anyone had used the bullet guide with the adapter. Plus with the guide I could use the Galil mags as well as others and have more options for mags. Also, I've heard some people say the PMags don't work with these. The problem I had with them was because the bolt locking into the trunnion actually hits the front corner of the mag, the polymer doesn't clearance like the aluminum so i
  6. Nice, I just bought a Springfield RO and didn't worry about building one. I'm not competent enough to fit one that nicely.
  7. All the AR mag adapters require modifying the rifle. I think the MSA adapter requires more milling than the Renegade buck adapter. They both require milling the trunion so the AR mag will seat high enough.
  8. I like the Kahr CW9 really well. I carry a PF9 and it works well for it's intended purpose.
  9. It was $800, I had a hard time giving that much for a gun but I had part of it from the sale of another handgun.
  10. Yes, it's a US made gun. My GI is made in Brazil. It's a fine gun as well, actually nicer than a lot of US made guns I've looked at but this one is really well fitted and the trigger is sooooo good.
  11. I just found this at one of my LGS today. Looked at about ten different 1911s from a Rock Island on up to some pricey Kimbers and Colts. This one had as good or better fit as anything and was in the middle of the price range. I've read good things about how accurate these are as well. I'm kind of partial to the Springers as my first 1911 was a GI model. They didn't even have it out yet, I had to ask id they had any Springfields.
  12. Sorry bout that, it's easier to link than type. I'll have to remember that.
  13. I bought a cheap red dot a not long ago for a 22 pistol and I thought something was wrong with it as well. The dot looked really large and blurry like. When I took it out to shoot it I figured I had to focus on my target and the dot became more of a dot for lack of a better way to decribe it. Look through the dot and don't focus on the dot itself.
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