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  1. I can't edit my original post for whatever reason, but I have a few edits. First, the optic selling for around $750 on kalinka optics isn't the exact same, it has a laser pointer on it. So it's actually about $150 less than that one. Second, a price drop. Was $1600, now selling for $1300 + shipping. Also, I'm willing to do trades for AK-74 type rifles +/- money.
  2. Up for sale is my Saiga 308 ver 02 rifle. It comes with 5 magazines; One stock 8 rounder turned into a 10 rounder, 3 Uinta 20 rounders, and a CSS Specs 20 gen 2 20 rounder. It also has a POSP 4-10x42 D VariPOSP Rifle Scope bought for $380 and now sold for $750 on Kalinka Optics. It comes with it's own paperwork and carrying bag. The stock is a Black Horse Arsenal Dragunov Composite/Polymer expandable stock. These are real russian dragunov stocks imported and then modified to fit onto an AK platform and also be length adjustable. It also comes with its own paperwork. I replaced the orignal trigger system with a Dinzag Arms Two-Stage trigger. The bipod is a Versa-Pod Model 51 with a Mini-14 mount. It is drilled into the receiver between the forearm and the magazine well. It doesn't hinder the magwell, but there's not much room for fingers. It pains me to sell this, but I am going to be moving to a newer apartment and the more cushion money the better. The only thing I had left to do to this rifle was to thread the barrel. I'm asking $1600 + ~$40 with shipping for this rifle package. Will accept Paypal or USPS Money order, or a FTF transaction if you are from Ohio. No trades. Will ship to your FFL, but if your FFL will not accept from a private seller I can work with that. I don't want to split this up either. I do not have the original box, but I do have all the paperwork that went with the firearm and all the accessories. I put probably around 300 rounds through this total, pretty good groups overall. If there's any questions or requests for more pictures, please don't hesitate to ask. Good luck. First "I'll take it" gets it.
  3. Carolina Shooters Supply sells a bolt on lower handguard retainer. It's the only one I know of without having to remove your gas block, which is a PITA.
  4. Rommel88mm

    my new Drag

    Very nice rifle! A russian "Tigr" I take it? That's a rare stock too, probably a pretty penny just for that. Is that gonna be a shooting rifle, or a safe queen?
  5. For sale is my PK-AS-V red/black dot combat sight. I bought it late November in 2011. It comes with the camo cover and the original booklet. I lost the sight tool awhile back, but its not needed as you just need an allen wrench. It's in really good condition, with the only blemish being above the front glass as shown in the picture. Here is information on the combat sight. http://tantal.kalashnikov.guns.ru/pkasv.html I'm asking $350 for the optic plus whatever shipping comes to. I take money orders and paypal. If paypal is used, I must charge an extra 3.5% to cover the fees. Thank you and good luck. http://imgur.com/TF3YW http://imgur.com/Mxgx3 http://imgur.com/bg9Fz http://imgur.com/VNWp8 http://imgur.com/09UXx
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