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  1. Hi guys, I finally bought my first Saiga in 5.45 and I want to convert the handguard to an AK style one. Now I understand the gas tube can be replaced with one from an AK with a little bit of fitting involved, but what's the best way to put a lower handguard on a Saiga? I have a US made K-var polymer handguard I want to use. Is the Dinzag Arms handguard retainer worth the $60 or is there a better alternative? Thanks!
  2. Pretty much this. This has come up before and I don't think there was a viable option mentioned other than maybe polishing the stock trigger group. If you haven't fired one before maybe you will be happy enough with it as is if you don't want to convert it. Not that bad of a pull (to me) it was just the weird "up and back" motion rather than just straight back. I'm aware of the upward motion of the trigger (I used to have an old .22 that was like that) and it wasn't too bad. I'm looking into conversion kits now, but I'm not too confident that I would be able to do it without ruining the
  3. I've been looking into purchasing a saiga .308 sometime in the near future. I don't want to convert it because I just want to keep the factory configuration. But, due to the fact that the stock triggers aren't all that great I do want to replace it with a better trigger kit. Are there any such triggers that will work with unmodified saiga rifles? Also will I have to do any serious modifications to the rifle to replace the trigger in it's current factory configuration or will the trigger be a drop-in kit?
  4. So I got some pics of my rifle's innards: And my mags, from left to right: Bulgarian, Russian (bought it in Erie, PA today), Polish polymer and Polish steel:
  5. I already have a bullet guide. Could I need a new one or should I modify my current one in any way?
  6. Hi Guys. I'm not sure if this tech section is for saigas only or all AK type rifles so I apologize in advance. I've had an AK74 for a few months now and I've experienced a good amount of misfeeds while shooting. At first the rifle functioned flawlessly and now it either double feeds and jams or partially strips a round from the magazine and jams. I'm pretty sure only one mag caused double feeds because all other malfunctions consist of failure to strip a round from the mag. When I initially put a magazine in the rifle and chamber a round it will fire, but by the second or third round it will f
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