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  1. Long ass skinny barrel??? I'm pretty sure an RPK barrel is plenty thick. It's comparable to a 20" AR barrel except it's hammer forged making it multiple times stronger. All barrels flex, I'm yet to see one that flexes while handling it. I don't understand how anyone can definitively say something about a time tested, battle proven system because they "tested it" 24 years ago. And it wasn't an RPK-74M. Im sure it shooting high accounts for for all those dead Chechen's in Chechnya during both wars...
  2. The Tula shiny plum grip is correct for the AKS-74U, every one that left the Tula factory came stock with the Tula shiny plum grip and Tula shiny plum magazines, no other firearm came stock with them. The molot shiny plum RPK-74 magazine better suites this rifle in my opinion, but none the less the bakelite magazines do look great in any AK with wood, and I wish I could get ahold of a registered Polytech AKS .223 and have a similar rifle built, more likely an AK-105 clone like piece of history arms has done as well. Beautiful rifle, they do amazing work.
  3. Hey guys long time since I have been on here but glad to see you guys all finally got yours. Mine is now partially converted since I bought it 4 weeks ago for a BS price might I add but still I got it I love it and have only even looked at any of my AR's once since! I have since acquired 2 east german bakelites, one Izhmash bakelite, 2 bulgarian circle 10 rpk mags, I am buying a molot bakelite tonight or tomorrow(used). I have also purchased 2 complete brand new condition new never been used or refinished laminate wood stock sets, and I am hopefully buying a used one tomorrow. The thing is I buy these things and I refuse to destroy a beautiful piece of history such as anything russian so I will only actually use it if it's used. Items like that are getting more and more rare because people keep putting them on their rifles that soon there will be none left. Guess the point is that I'm addicted and glad I bought it for that higher price at the time or I may not have these things today
  4. anyone know why my russian ak-74 gas tube won't fit in my saiga?
  5. I've looked everywhere. I have real AK-74 laminate wood hand guard coming tomorrow with a real AK-74 bakelite grip, real 74 gas tube and an Izhmash 30 round bakelite magazine coming but can not find a trigger guard for sale anywhere. Do you think a polish tantal, or east german or romanian any other would match up?? Thanks for the help sir. This is really beginning to be a pain..
  6. Hey thanks a lot guys for the input as I am somewhat lost. I am putting a lot of money down for anything AUTHENTIC and I want it to look right. James what is a rusky trigger guard? Do you mean a russian one? Cause I can't find one other than in a parts kit which I want but can't afford at the moment. I like the ones that come without the hole drilled for the mag catch but feel like i'd screw the hole up. I don't care to use the bulgarian one but that's all I could find at the moment. If you know where to get a different one please do tell. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks again guys. Oh and I'm buying a press sometime soon and I'm planning on getting a jig and i am a member at AKfiles but can never get on the damn website!
  7. I am happy to tell you that east german bakelite mags, bulgarian circle 10 rpk mags and I'm sure just about every other ak-74 style mag does. They all feed the beast just fine with no bullets guide in mine EXCEPT for the last round as many others will tell you just doesn't have enough spring force on it due to the lack of another round trying to push its way to the very top of the magazine.(Because the follower only goes up so far in the magazine) But the mag catch on my IZ240 is so tight that it is a pain to remove the magazines so I wold still recommend taking a little material off(or replacing the mag catch with an AK's). I just figured all this out yesterday as I am new to saigas period. Hope this helped -Jon Also it comes with the cleaning supplies! One of the great things about Saigas/AK's.
  8. and i emailed it too myself and copied that url and used it here and a pop-up says "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." This is ridiculous.
  9. Wow how the hell do I put a picture on here that's not from the internet, and not from a external camera or scanner? It's ridiculous that I can't just go int o my documents and put a picture in here that i took with my laptop. I put it in an email and copied the url thing and the image showed up in here but when I sent it it just shows up as this webkit-fake-url://2F066896-D2EF-4262-87B2-CCD114CBC305/image.tiff
  10. Thanks NMO, you've seemed to be a big help for me so far! I plan on buying a press, and i know i can reuse it or buy and aftermarket one but I really want the authentic look where the trigger guard goes up into the the magazine catch. not where its on the outside of it. I know its not a big deal but after realizing it now it bothers me. Haha I know I know I can't help it. I actually want to rivet it because it'll look better as well, but NMO what do you make out of the curved end on it? why wouldn't it be flat? Help is much appreciated. and tomorrow or monday I'm gonna post some pictures on this thread of what I got goin so far if you wanna see.
  11. Can I put this on my Saiga IZ 240? If so then how? The end where the pistol grip would go is curved down and has no hole that I can see. Also how do you put on the pistol grip if you do not use one of the trigger guards that has the mount for the trigger guard? here is the picture of the picture of the bulgarian trigger guard This is my first conversion any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks -Jon
  12. Where in CT did you find a Saiga in 5.45? I didn't know people around here even knew they existed hahaha.
  13. WOOOOOHHHH!! Just picked up my IZ 240 I am VERY happy with it other than where they got rid of the importers mark I'm pretty pissed about that ugly blemish they put on my new firearm but other than that I would've never known it had been test fired if it weren't for the tiny amount of black that came off the recoil spring when I took it out. The piston looks absolutely spotless! Wow, who would think that the russians at Izhmash care more about their customers receiving a clean rifle than a company like bushmaster! And the cost is half the price of there CHEAPEST rifle. I am very impressed and will have pics up of it as well as it's accessories soon. And if it was Atlantic who went and cleaned it after they received it then wow go them(now all they have to do is lower the price).
  14. Wow I just bought a Saiga from you guys and I really wanted a 5.45 like that but couldn't find one anywhere and thought it didn't exist. Figures you just got it now when I just ordered one on tuesday and It's just about to get here today. Oh well I guess. Maybe next time..
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