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  1. Been a while since I've been on this board. I've had my 12 for a year now....no modifications except a new stock and plug....and I LOVE it...It cycles everything and I have gone through a few thousand rounds with her...still my favorite!!
  2. ElGato

    16" vs 22" barrel?

    Great thread....even if it is old
  3. ElGato

    12 Ga or 308 ?

    Both...get BOTH! I have both and it's making me broke...but I LOVE them the same. They are my babies...I couldn't leave one home without the other....get both
  4. ElGato

    Chaos tri rail

    Ordered mine a few weeks ago
  5. ElGato

    SSAK-47 Bump Fire Saiga 12 Shotgun Video

    By the way I love this quote from the site's description "offering another element of entertainment for recreational shooters everywhere!" I must have one!
  6. ElGato

    SSAK-47 Bump Fire Saiga 12 Shotgun Video

    I sooo want one of these for my .308!
  7. Put a new puck and spring in to go with the Tac47 plug and now I'm cycling everything! Thanks guys for the help
  8. ElGato

    Tac 47 auto plug NOT working

    Again thank you everyone!
  9. ElGato

    Tac 47 auto plug NOT working

    Thanks guys.. I'm going to run another 100 or so rounds and get the better spring and a puc.
  10. ElGato

    Tac 47 auto plug NOT working

    Close to 100 rounds...stock
  11. ElGato

    Tac 47 auto plug NOT working

    So I've done everything I'm supposed to do....and it's still not cycling low ammo. Sure the more powerful stuff works but I want everything to work. I've done everything correct... Anyone else have this happen?
  12. Yep...I'm getting my Saiga .308 this coming week. I ordered it a while ago and I got the call that it will be in either Tuesday or Wednesday! I love my 12 and I can't wait to use the .308! In fact...I'm taking my son Russian boar hunting next Friday....I'm going to kill me some pig with both if them. Just wanted to share my excitement
  13. ElGato

    Tromix 8" of 10'?

    This is my first post! So I got my first Saiga and I love it! Now after thing about this thread....I want another like the one in the video...8"