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  1. Lancaster Arms has them in stock. $89 per set for the 3 pc. they're out of the pistol grip right now but are making more right now and will have them ready in as couple weeks.
  2. sadly, i predict that this joke will become a reality well before April 1, 2010. i've been through it before in the 90s with my Street Sweeper [tm] and USAS-12. we didn't expect it then, and it was a hassle to comply. failure to comply would have resulted in a JBT assault on your residence, slaughter of all pets, beating of wife and kids, and then burning your home and possessions to the ground. you'd then do 3-5 in fed pen and come out a felon (and probably come out of the closet as somebody's gay prison felon boyfriend too). or, i guess you could have resisted, and eventually given u
  3. just got my tracking #, and i can't wait. thanks Cameron!
  4. They have been getting ordered like crazy. Over 100 since yesterday! There will be more though. I still have A LOT of pending orders I need to cancel. All together it will probably add around another 200 drums or so back to the site. I am getting ready to get started on that. I doubt I will get them all canceled and back on the site tonight, it is rather time consuming. damnit Mike, please give me a dozen solid reasons NOT to order five drums right now.
  5. how far are you from KC? it would be a snap for Fred or his son down at Snap Shots (formerly Dennys Guns). they do stuff much harder than this all day long.
  6. Hey Cameron, I already pre-ordered the warthog, so what's the best way for me to add the lock nut to my order? also, any word yet on a ship date? thanks!
  7. FYI, I placed orders with a half dozen different Saiga parts dealers last weekend, and my CSS order arrived first. I'm very impressed with the shipping/delivery time, email communication from CSS, the easy-to-use website, and the ability to check order status on the site. Thanks for the great service!
  8. looks good, and works fine with firefox 3.x.
  9. at my local gun show last weekend, i saw one for $590, and one for $900.
  10. awesome! heading over to CSS to order some now.
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