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  1. Here is one for the people that want to ban "assault weapons" due to them being used so often in crimes. Listing of FBI stats on weapon use in homicides, guns and others listed individually, 2012-16: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-4.xls
  2. Finish wear is one thing but if it starts to peen or chip then the metallurgy is off. Just keep an eye on her and if it starts looking like things are running soft, check HS. For $500 these days its worth a few thousand rounds if you can make it that far. As has been stated the RAS is the one that's been really prone to grenading so you may have just caught a really good deal
  3. I'd almost guarantee that is edited to shit. They love doing that and have done it in almost every example I've seen and being its a "Comedy Central" skit, I have about 0 confidence it isn't completely altered
  4. Better hope they don't come at you while its night or you'll be just as blind and then who knows what happens from there. Fireballs are fun at the range, not when you're protecting family or self
  5. 1) remove grips 2) buy some clay 3) place grips into clay 4) create mold of grips and then cook clay 5) make friends with someone with a crucible and a need for a possible side income 6) make some grips out of aluminum with new friends crucible and the molds 7) celebrate victory of having your aluminum grips and also a potential side income
  6. I knew I picked well on these choices. I mean it may not be THE healthiest thing but ramen isn't really that bad.
  7. Glad they got what was coming and the getaway driver will see a nice long sentence. Sounds as if the neighborhood will not have to worry about burglaries anymore and the cops may even find some of the originally stolen items at the homes of the now departed. These are the stories that need to be aired on mainstream media but never are, or are twisted so maliciously as to make it completely opposite of what it should be taken as
  8. Built my own 7 years ago for under $1k and just now piecing together another to hopefully last the next 10. Could keep going but I prefer to be up to the majority of standards which I no longer am. If you can spend some time on youtube to get the info down I'd suggest building your own. The savings in headaches and future issues is better on your own build than a big company POS. Plus it's like the old saying "give a man a fish...." the skills will be worthwhile to know
  9. For some the end of OA didn't come soon enough. Blamed for the loss of steel-core 7.62x39, they really needed to have some good product coming out of the 90's but just never advanced enough to make up for the market changes. There'll be a lot more of them closing down soon. Hopefully the AK manufacturers here that are putting out garbage stuff. We will likely see the Darwinism of the American gun industry now that it isn't constant panic mode
  10. Don't hold your breath on that one. The 7N6 ban is ATF ruling, not executive order. Even if Trump reverses EO from Obama related to Russian arms importation it won't change the ATF ruling on it being armor piercing. Hopefully he can put someone into play that will review the issue and change the ruling but until then it will not be importable Actually since the EO's entire purpose (originally) is to set policy for an agency within the framework of legislation he could do it with one EO. There are very few restrictions on the power of the Executive, which is kind of the problem. If he does an EO, yes. I'm speaking specifically of his campaign promise to remove the Obama EOs. Doing so would not change an ATF ruling
  11. Don't hold your breath on that one. The 7N6 ban is ATF ruling, not executive order. Even if Trump reverses EO from Obama related to Russian arms importation it won't change the ATF ruling on it being armor piercing. Hopefully he can put someone into play that will review the issue and change the ruling but until then it will not be importable
  12. So I have been keeping up on this over the last few days. Not sure how many have been watching on this but the Boston PD Commissioner is one of the most ignorant people relating to guns and clearly very anti. Video is about 5 minutes from press conference but the best is at 0:52 when asked if it was an "assault rifle" and informs us it was a "tactical rifle shotgun type instrument" that was actually a pump shotgun...... here you are, enjoy: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/boston-police-press-conference-on-shooting-of-two-officers/vi-AAiUK4M
  13. Precisely, and Hillary wants to be the one to take the ball into the end zone with that smug-ass fake grin on her face. It was in fact planned to collapse. Single payer, total .gov control has been the end game from the onset. Anyone surprised by this just hasn't been paying attention. Single payer is what they want and they're going to have it no matter how many have to suffer and die! The idea originally was to base it off of the MA mandated healthcare law. A few years into that law a state review was done which found the law to be completely f'd up and there was no proper solution to fix it than to go single payer. Anyone who thought at the start of this whole Obamacare bullshit that it wasn't heading that way from infancy was retarded. Prior to the stupid MA law, I could buy insulin from the pharmacy without insurance for $30 a month, that price has risen to $660 (likely more now but I have insurance so don't pay the out of pocket). It is completely insane and hurts those who need insurance even more than those who don't
  14. If they are so pissed off why aren't they doing anything, like demanding she not interpret their intent while on vacation and demand a redress of her actions? Some Reps have already put forth laws to make all her actions related to guns null. Unfortunately they only have 5 days to complete anything before formal sessions end for the summer. There is another planned rally for this Saturday so maybe it will impact the speed at which things are done but if it doesn't this will all end up stuck in the books Also want to edit to add that you have to remember that the Dems hold a super majority here. If something is to happen they are basically stabbing their parties agenda in the back. It takes a lot to push a group of people against there own like that and this is one time it is seemingly occurring. I'll take 58/160 people signing a letter saying "WTF" any day given those odds. It may seem over here but there is a lot going on and those of us pushing back are actually accomplishing something When put like that it makes sense. Being from conservative areas I didn't think about how they have it up there. Seems having any liberal support in that state is a sign that she screwed up. I am curious. With protests being held on Saturday is there anyone at the Capitol to hear them? Yeah they are in full session for the weekend last day to get bills passed is the 31st so they are there. Planned to have several thousand there again in the state house to address each rep individually to do something. Hopefully it is good and works in our favor
  15. Couldn't contain the leaks though, as it has come out the last guy pledged allegiance in a video now released. The lies can only last so long....
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