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  1. Saiga 308,21 inch barrel,wood stocks,1 mag,factory scope mount,Bushnell Banner 1.5-4.5,sling.$620 shipped.Trade for Scorpion,Sterling,Glock frame,or PC9 (all + cash).
  2. I don't have pics at the moment.I am in Rochester.
  3. Saiga 545,trigger guard removed,comes with Bulgy Plum furniture,FSB and zig zag brake,pistol grip nut/screw,trigger guard,US fcg,bullet gude,flanged gas tube,fcg retainer plate.$600 Saiga 762x39,triggerguard removed,comes with pistol grip screw/nut,Romy folding stock,US FCG,bullet guide,RAM trigger guard,Dinzag hg retainer,E G lower handguard,fcg retainer plate,24 mm FSB and brake,bakelite pistol grip.$600 Saiga 762x39,trigger guard removed,comes with US FCG and retainer plate,24mm FSB,E G furniture set and sling,trigger guard,flanged gastube.$600****All sold.****
  4. mattny


    delte,found it.instantly.
  5. If you want a polymer lower,find a used Cavarms.
  6. Why support an anti gun company like PP?If a seller won't take an alternate form of payment,I buy elsewhere.
  7. LNIB Black Tapco Galil handguard for Saigas.$30 shipped.**SPF**
  8. 2 Saiga top covers $22 each 2 Saiga triggerguards,have grind marks $10 545 factory fcg $15 factory 10 round mag $15SPF 2 762 factory fcg's $15 each 3 fcg retainers $10 2 Saiga buttstocks and grips $40 All prices include shipping...Fell free to check my feedback on Ak files,FALfiles,or AR15.com under the user name frtyfivsevnty.
  9. I didn't talk to him,it was a woman.But he was the one who canceled my order via email.In my repsonse I said I would be ordering one if they got dimpled receivered ones in.Maybe I'll hear something back from him.
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