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  1. My hammer looks pretty much like yours though your striking surface seems a bit more rounded off. My gun has 2 ports, not all saiga have three. Some two and some even four I believe. What exactly does my hammer have to do with the shells ejecting?
  2. the conversion kit came with a new hammer, from carolina shooter supply. just checked the ports. this gun has 2 and they were dirty but not obstructed. the rounds fire fine just dont eject. i also noticed my stock gas puc only goes in a certain way. once you put it in you have to rotate it until it drops into place. is this normal? could it be part of my problem
  3. it will shoot full power loads but they only cycle consistently on the 5 setting of the MD arms gas plug. that 5 setting is said to be for low brass wal mart stuff.
  4. Please Help. I recently purchased my first Saiga 12. Though I am ne to the Saiga family i am not new to guns in general. After i recieved my gun I did a basic conversion consisting of butt stock, pistol grip, trigger group, pro mag 10 round clip, and muzzle break. I also added a MD Arms V-Plug because everythin I read on line said if there was one mod to do that was it. Never shot it with stock plug. So I took it out for the first time the other day and I cant get it to cycle low brass on any setting on the V-Plug. As you probably already know the V-Plug has 5 settings, 1(-) being for high velocity rounds, and 5(+) being for low brass. In fact it will only cycle the high velocity slugs and buckshot on setting 5 consistantly which is supposed to be for low brass value rounds. I havent touched it since. Could it be something I did wrong during the conversion of the trigger group etc. Please any input would be great that may help me fix my problem. Thanks alot. Shawn
  5. I recently purchased my saiga-12. i installed a v-plug and basic conversion kit (trigger group, stock, pistol grip.) I brought it out for the first time and it wouldn't cycle the cheap rounds on any setting. In fact it would only cycle the high brass expensive stuff on setting 5 ( according to MD Arms setting 5 is for bulk cheap low brass ammo and setting 1 should be for the good stuff). Please help
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