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  1. i cant find these on there website.it shows they ship to the U.S.How much did it cost?
  2. maybe they gave you a 10rd by mistake
  3. I always wanted an 8rd mag.can you post a pic of a 10rd and an 8rd next to each other to compare size.thanks
  4. i got one 2 weeks ago. took it to the range and tried loading it and noticed the feedlip was missing.called aim and they sent one out that day.great service!i will order from them again
  5. i got mine from him.on the titan you get the top and bottom.i also got the sights for another $100
  6. jackface

    F*** this s***

    you must have kids.lol
  7. ill give ya $250 to put one on mine
  8. yeah,i wanted to go cheap too,but then the addiction took over and now im into it almost 2k.LoL.
  9. well got it on.I like it alot!I had to do some fitting but it all worked out really nice.here are some pics.ok, i added pics but i dont know why it wont show them.it says. You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community..any help would be nice.Thanks
  10. Guess what just came to my door.YEP! Titan quadrail w/H&K sights and 20 min. before that my MD 20rd drum came.That was quick only 47hrs after i ordered it.Oh its a good day.Looks like its time to get some beer and order a pizza.Im stayin home and playin with my new toys tonight.
  11. Go to gunsamerica under auctions type in Chaos.wow unbelievable. there not listed on your site or i would have bought one already.oh wait i see you put them on there today.cool
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