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  1. I dont know how much poxy is usa made qualified, lol, but this one was full of it and then reshaped a little. My friend didn't care about 922 much so I never explore it further. I dont know if he still has it but if he does I'll try to get some pictures.
  2. There is really no way to show it exactly. Pin goes in the hole on left, through trigger hole, and that's it. Unable to get this pin into the secong hole.
  3. Today I started putting together my Saiga in 5.45x39. I was trying to install Tapco G2 and I was not able to. The pin goes through left side, through trigger "tube" and then is off the hole on the other side. I cannot line it up. Also, from the trigger guard view it doesn't look very pretty. Looks like there is too much room around. Like gaps. So I don't know.
  4. I know someone filled up the stock with some kind of poxy to make it a little heavier and then reshaped the whole stock and paint it.
  5. I got mine from BlackMarketArms for little over 300.00. It has nice dimples and mags just fit perfectly. The importer name is gone so I don't know who imported those.
  6. I think from now I am the official member. Lol
  7. Oh what an idiot I am! Of course!!! The carrier!!!!! My last conversion was done few years back and I already forgot! Thank you guyz
  8. Hello I'm converting my 5.45 and for some unknown reason I have difficult time removing the gas tube. Lever is in proper position. Tube goes up a little but then I cannot even move it with a plastic mallet. Suggestions? Am I missing something here?
  9. Since I'm in CT I either go 922r compliant or leave it as is. There is no choice here as we have parts of 94 ban in the law.
  10. Hammer, dremel and screwdriver are the tools I got. No problem here. But with muzzle brake one just gotta do it right. And honestly, I got none experience with brakes. Never actually used one on any of my rifles. With my 5.45x39 I'm not even sure if I really need one since the muzzle rise and recoil are rather minimal. But to keep the nice looks of AK74, 2nd type of cool I'll look around. Maybe there is some other gunsmith who can do that for less. Thanks guys for the info.
  11. Thanks for info. I bought this bracket this time. Last conversion I didnt use one. I dont know but it worked fine without it. It was in .223.
  12. Hi there I am looking for someone to do conversion on Saiga 5.45x39 here in CT. Especially need help with bullet guide intallation. Please pm your phone number if anyone is here from CT. I'm in New Haven area. Thanks, Mike
  13. Ok. I found the Bulgarian surplus at low cost. Just gotta count my 922 parts to see if I'm compliant. CT sucks here.
  14. Well. Gunsmith would be (maybe) doing the muzzle brake. I have no proper tools for it nor want to buy them just for one brake job.
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