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  1. Here is my Lone Star Arms build I just got back after 4 weeks of them having it. Please refrain from using words like "sexy" or phrases that indicate you have, or are post erection because that's just weird and doesn't make sense to me. We are grown ass men and its a gun, not a porn star. Its a damn good looking firearm, lets just put it at that.
  2. I don't post much, I just research and admire, but what we have here is a prime reason why there is NO REASON to go anywhere else and wait 6 months to a year and a half for a s12 job when you can send it to Mike Rogers at LSA and have it back within 6-8 weeks (4 weeks in my case!) and have the baddest gun around. LSA is where it's at. Great customer service, a real nice guy to talk to, great turn around and a quality finished product. I feel sorry for the poor guys sending their guns to other places last year still waiting and I've got mine completed in a month. Unbelievable quality. Please re
  3. Nah the way it was originally converted nothing lined up properly on the receiver bottom for the trigger guard when attempting to DIY. After getting it all disassembled I immediately knew it was too much for me to handle as there were holes that needed welded over and I couldn't do it properly since I'm not a welder. It wasn't done very well to begin with. If you saw it when dissasembled you would agree it needed a professional. Anyways, It's all done now and is done right and looks just how I wanted.
  4. I am in for this also. Happy 4th everybody! I am spending the day with my girlfriend, sister and her friend at the Lake of the Ozarks at the pool all day and fireworks tonight. A great day.
  5. I dremeled them off from the inside. It's done. I'm just not a fan of the SGM Tactical parts that were used for the conversion or the rounded trigger guards. Im all about the little details, so it's all getting changed. The trigger guard, stock, charging handle, handguard, and muzzle brake are gonna be Tromix parts, and the pistol grip is gonna be a SAW grip, and HK sights welded up top. It will look alot better with these pieces. I'm supposed to call Lonestar Arms next week as well as Mach1 Arsenal (which is where I purchased the gun from originally) to see who will tackle this for me at the
  6. Well I was hoping this was a bit easier and less time consuming, but if thats what I gotta do I guess I have no choice.
  7. So I'm gonna have to take out the trigger group, break out a drill or dremel and get em out that way? Or is there another way? thanks.
  8. its just a rounded trigger guard, not sure what brand, it came this way. I like the look of the Tromix better, so thats what I got.
  9. I am attempting to remove the already converted trigger guard and replacing it with a Tromix DIY trigger guard, but am unsure of the proper way to remove the current TG. I cant locate any videos or pics on this topic, only on the initial conversion, which in my case is already done. Does anybody have info on how to do this properly? thanks.
  10. bump! Still interested. Full length or midlength only. Thanks.
  11. sent PM regarding the Tromix Galil handguard availability. If you want to sell it, I am definitely interested. thanks.
  12. If anybody has a Tromix Vented Galil Handguard in black, od green, or similar, please let me know. I have an SGM Tactical handguard, pistol grip, and muzzle break I want to sell or trade if interested also. Thanks!!
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