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  1. Figured it out. Apparently I ordered the MK 1919 brake by mistake. Whelp....guess it'll go in the for sale section.
  2. I got it from CSS and it said nothing in the description about weld or no weld. Says it attaches to the factory threads and even suggested a barrel nut.
  3. OK, finally back in the states and I got to putz around with my new S12. I went to throw the shark brake on and something was not right. Am I mistaken, or is this thing supposed to thread on? I threw the barrel nut on and go to install the brake, and low and behold, it's smooth on the inside. Not one thread inside the brake. Am I missing something here?
  4. Here ya go http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct536.aspx
  5. This was one of the reasons for me getting the ball rolling on my trust yesterday. My girlfriend is a beneficiary, with my stepfather as the successor trustee. When I leave, she can legally have the items in her house (where I live). She can't sell them, and if I die, my stepfather gets them.
  6. I figured I'd bring this question up because I was planning on building up my K5 blazer and started thinking about how much I've already put into my AR and S12. I figured the truck runs great already. Besides if the SHTF, it's the guns that will save my A** not the truck. Might as well prioritize.
  7. Missed you by a few days bro. Wish I would have seen this sooner. I just dropped a couple of hundred on mags.
  8. The way I see it, is I know that if times get to the point where I HAVE to sell my S12, I'm confident that I can get what I put into it. It's an investment....yeah...that's my justification. Besides, I've got atleast that much wrapped into my AR15. They don't build themselves ya know.
  9. I almost forgot the disclaimer.... Marine_mike makes no guarantees or provides any protection from spouses/significant others who may read this post and commence to a verbal and/or physical asswhooping.
  10. I was just adding up what I've spent on my S12, without even being able to touch it yet. I'm up to $785.56, not including the $535 for the S12 itself. Only one more thing to do, and that's sending the bolt group out to be polished/profiled and have the charging handle switched to the left side. It's safe to assume a grand total of $1,000 on parts and services. The biggies were the trigger conversion kit and the mags. (20rd/12rd drum and (3) 10rd mags.) How much have you guys spent aside from the cost of the gun? Just realized I haven't even purchased any ammo yet. Oye!!
  11. OP, listen to these guys. $800 is WAY too much for a NIB S12. I paid $535 from Atlantic Firearms. Go get your down payment back. I personally wouldn't go back to that guy. Listing the shotgun at such a high price, then getting you to put it on layaway seems shady.
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