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  1. Figured it out. Apparently I ordered the MK 1919 brake by mistake. Whelp....guess it'll go in the for sale section.
  2. I got it from CSS and it said nothing in the description about weld or no weld. Says it attaches to the factory threads and even suggested a barrel nut.
  3. OK, finally back in the states and I got to putz around with my new S12. I went to throw the shark brake on and something was not right. Am I mistaken, or is this thing supposed to thread on? I threw the barrel nut on and go to install the brake, and low and behold, it's smooth on the inside. Not one thread inside the brake. Am I missing something here?
  4. Here ya go http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct536.aspx
  5. This was one of the reasons for me getting the ball rolling on my trust yesterday. My girlfriend is a beneficiary, with my stepfather as the successor trustee. When I leave, she can legally have the items in her house (where I live). She can't sell them, and if I die, my stepfather gets them.
  6. I figured I'd bring this question up because I was planning on building up my K5 blazer and started thinking about how much I've already put into my AR and S12. I figured the truck runs great already. Besides if the SHTF, it's the guns that will save my A** not the truck. Might as well prioritize.
  7. Missed you by a few days bro. Wish I would have seen this sooner. I just dropped a couple of hundred on mags.
  8. The way I see it, is I know that if times get to the point where I HAVE to sell my S12, I'm confident that I can get what I put into it. It's an investment....yeah...that's my justification. Besides, I've got atleast that much wrapped into my AR15. They don't build themselves ya know.
  9. I almost forgot the disclaimer.... Marine_mike makes no guarantees or provides any protection from spouses/significant others who may read this post and commence to a verbal and/or physical asswhooping.
  10. I was just adding up what I've spent on my S12, without even being able to touch it yet. I'm up to $785.56, not including the $535 for the S12 itself. Only one more thing to do, and that's sending the bolt group out to be polished/profiled and have the charging handle switched to the left side. It's safe to assume a grand total of $1,000 on parts and services. The biggies were the trigger conversion kit and the mags. (20rd/12rd drum and (3) 10rd mags.) How much have you guys spent aside from the cost of the gun? Just realized I haven't even purchased any ammo yet. Oye!!
  11. OP, listen to these guys. $800 is WAY too much for a NIB S12. I paid $535 from Atlantic Firearms. Go get your down payment back. I personally wouldn't go back to that guy. Listing the shotgun at such a high price, then getting you to put it on layaway seems shady.
  12. Ahhh..Michigan. No vehicle inspections, open carry, castle doctrine. Oh yeah...no jobs. Damn
  13. Congrats on the S12. Mine is sitting in a safe waiting for me patiently to come home. Just a few more weeks.
  14. I just went and ordered the UTG quad rail for now until the Chaos gets their titan quad rail system back in stock. The UTG was only $80.
  15. I'm not sure if that's possible. I can't even load an MD-20 in five seconds, so how could I even begin to ask the wife to try to do the same? I was thinking about this at work the other day while wiring up some lights, and you'd need two people for support for every one person with an S-12, and ten round stick mags since they are much easier to load... We need someone to not only create a belt-fed set up, but an easily installed belt-fed modification to the S-12... Great, now I'll be thinking about this all night. I've actually got half the idea worked out in my head.
  16. Just made my first order of parts for my new saiga 12. I just have to wait until I get back to the states in a few weeks to enjoy any of it. Thanks for the discount.
  17. You know, you made a good point. I started doing some searching and came up with the idea of using an electronic keyboard case. I found one on the cheap that will fit both my AR and my saiga, as well as the mags for both. Its interior dimensions are (LxWxH): 58" x 21" x 6.5"
  18. Thanks for the report. I'm waiting to get back into the country so I can pick up my saiga from the shop that I ordered from AA. I'm going to send the bolt out to get polished and have the charging handle switched to the left side then add a conversion kit. That's about all I'm looking to do for now. I was wondering what rounds to use for the break in. Guess I'll go with the wally world bird like you did.
  19. OK..time to quite trolling. My saiga 12 is patiently waiting for me at the dealer it was shipped to until I'm back stateside in a few weeks. I'm thinking I'll pick up 3 12 rd drums and (6) 10 round mags. I've got a chest rig at home and am just trying to get a full load out for it, plus be able to fit the AR mags. As I go' I'll pick up more.
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