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  1. SOLD AK Builder Saiga 12 Conversion Drilling Guide. This has been used once on my last conversion (includes both drill bits). $25 shipped. paypal only (with no fee). link to original part
  2. folks who have an avatar such as yours "knows"


  3. everything is sold! I tried to edit this in the original post but it won't seem to let me edit shit for some reason?
  4. paypal (gift payment with no fee) or gunpal (+2.8%) ONLY for payments. SOLD Izhmash swat pistol grip - like new - mounted once and taken off. $65 shipped. Izhmash Saiga 12 railed handguard - like new - mounted once and taken off too. $56 shipped. Saiga .223 factory 10 round mag - new. $19 shipped.
  5. I have a tapco buttstock for sale. It was new, I fitted it to my S12 and now I'm going with another buttstock so I don't need this one. I did remove some material (see photo) from the stock to better fit my S12. $19 shipped paid via paypal.
  6. I cut the hole for the pistol grip, but yes... you can do it either way.
  7. I just completed my first conversion (finally finished... again) and I just want to give props to Cobra's Custom for offering this outstanding trigger guard. I'm very pleased with the final product... it looks great!
  8. you have to rivet in the new rear trunnion and cut the receiver up in three different places to install the parts. awesome folder conversion link
  9. If you are going for a traditional Bulgarian/Russian AK look... Cobra's for sure!
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