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    LEO in medium size PD. Sniper on SWAT team for 12 years, competition rifle shooter for years and never liked shotguns until the Saiga 12. Favorite rifle for CQB is the AUG style weapon.
  1. I would like to put night sights on a 109. Meprolite or trijicon pistol sights seem to be the best solution but I'm open to suggestions. It would be great to have a longer sight radias but I'm trying to keep the instalation as simple as possible.
  2. I didn't realise The 7.62x39 Saigas were threaded by the factory. I have a .308 suppressor (5/8x24), what thread size are the Saigas and is it right or left hand? If it's not the standard suppressor size for .308, does anyone sell an adapter? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have one on my first conversion and I'm not happy with it. The main reasons why I used it were: inexpensive and I saved from cutting the tang in case of future restrictive laws. My second conversion has an ACE folder and I love it. The Tapco looks cheap and doesn't lock up well so I personally wouldn't buy another.
  4. Is it possible the design would lend itself to puttting a Galil type selector on the left side of this reciever?
  5. What type of mounting system do you have for you C-More?
  6. Cobra, I carry my Saiga 12 on duty as a patrol shotgun. I don't have a bolt hold lever on my gun which makes qualifying a bitch, the safety notch mod just doesn't work well. Will your modifacation only work on guns with a bolt hold open lever? Thanks for your hard work!
  7. Many of these guns hit gun stores but were recalled by the importer. I found out about the short barrels just prior to purchasing my first Saiga 12 (108). It had several chokes with it but when it returned from RAA, the only choke included was welded on and the box had been carefully turned inside out before it was reshiped. The reciever was made in 2001 and it did not have a bolt hold open button. I had it converted and I became addicted to Saiga 12's. Because it doesn't have a BHO, I had a notch cut in the safety lever and it doesn't work well. I have to have a BHO to qualify and the
  8. I have followed the theory that one should clean off all cosmoline and oil and take it to the range dry. If it is dry and shoots well, you probably have a reliable gun. Shooting it dry will break it in faster with fewer rounds. After I break one in, I never shoot it dry. I like an oiled weapon for duty use reliability and rust prevention. Good Luck and congrats on your Saiga!
  9. I work for a medium size Police Department in the Southeast and my Saiga 12 is carried along with my 16" Bushmaster V match with a Trijicon Reflex. My department is very concerned about posting photos on the internet and personal web sites, so please understand I can't post a photo. All the posts on this Forum are very educational and/or entertaining and I have used this information to make what I feel, is a good choice in a duty weapon. I have tried 37's, Hi Standard 10A, 870's and 11-87's but I've never been totally satsfied. The Saiga 12 I own has never jammed on any round I've fired.
  10. I have a converted (pistol grip) Saiga 12 109 with out a factory bolt hold open device. I purchased a Buffer Technologies recoil buffer and had problems. A standard 5 rd mag was fine but a 10 rd mag had problems. The first three or four rounds would not feed, probably because it was cycling too fast for the mag spring to push all those rounds up. After I hand cycled the first 3 or 4 rounds, everything was fine. I would try a Blackjack buffer (they are thinner) but it is a duty weapon and reliability is a must.
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